Air NZ Business class in-flight service!

I’m fortunate that I’ve experienced Air New Zealand business class so many times now. Airline of the year 2017 you can see why! It’s always, always absolutely fantastic from whoah to go, and hubby suggested I do a blog post for something different.  As the lights are dimmed, it doesn’t do my pics justice, however you’ll get the gist for sure. Continue reading

Superbe, affordable, intimate, relaxed fine dining


How grateful one is to have inspirational grandparents. Jano Bistro’s chef Pierre, spent his childhood harvesting and cooking fruit and vegetables in France with his grandparents Jeannot and Manette. Being an Italian market gardener’s daughter, and married to a fellow Italian market gardener’s son, I salute you with respect and understanding. This is the beginning of good work ethic and discipline for a successful life ahead. Continue reading