Park Road Hottie!

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Park the car now in Park Road and checkout Park Kitchen. There’s a new hottie in town and it’s not Scarlett Johansson! This is a must stop, located opposite the Roxy in Miramar. Yes I’m back in the ‘burbs and as soon as I walked into this place, I was absolutely blown away by the decor and the fab use of space;they have two main separate dining areas, a retro lounge area and an alfresco area. And checkout the amazing bathrooms!  Continue reading

What’s in the larder?

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After a 12.5km walk around Seatoun, we decided to plonk ourselves at one of the outside tables at the Larder in Miramar. Owned by local Miramarian Chef Jacob Brown (ex Boulcott St Bistro), it was busy. Inside every table was jam-packed yet it was cosy with the lovely open fire burning. Continue reading