Italian brunch sort-of

Pandoro [panˈdɔːro] is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year. Typically a Veronese product, pandoro is traditionally shaped like a frustum with an eight-pointed star section. Continue reading

Hola- Machete Coffee and tacos anyone?

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Fabulous Floriditas

FloriditasFloriditas (2)Floriditas

Oh Floriditas how I love thee. I have never, ever had a bad meal, or bad service here in all my visits. I have an undying, inexplicable love for this place; for its food, its opulence, European ambiance, fab Supreme coffee and consistency in service. Continue reading

What’s in the larder?

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After a 12.5km walk around Seatoun, we decided to plonk ourselves at one of the outside tables at the Larder in Miramar. Owned by local Miramarian Chef Jacob Brown (ex Boulcott St Bistro), it was busy. Inside every table was jam-packed yet it was cosy with the lovely open fire burning. Continue reading