France; Uzes to Dijon

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Only 20 minutes walk from town, our Italian-style hotel le Saint Genies in Uzes, was absolutely stunning, apart from the grumpy owner!. It was so nice to relax by the pool before exploring the town late afternoon. We hit an international cycle race en route which was fun as was the fantastic live street music. I did expect a bit more though, as Peta Mathias raved about this town.  Continue reading

Chocoholic High – Hippotamus High Tea

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What a decadent Friday afternoon high tea we had, hosting our clients at Hippopotamus for Wellington on a Plate. Chef de patisserie, David Cadoret, personally created a fantastic selection of treats and joined with Whittakers to deliver Wellingtonians and outtatowners, a beautiful high tea brimming with chocolate concoctions.Surrounded by the backdrop of a stunning almost summer-like day with a view of our Welly harbour, amongst the elegant surroundings of the Museum Art Hotel, it was unbeaten. Continue reading