Sensational vietnamese food!

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Vietnamese Saigon Grill Bar is next to Ombra on Cuba St. How super Cuba Dupa! This place was the former Orsini’s and has had a zillion name changes since then. I think this one will stay. Continue reading

Get your Ngon on!

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Yes Ladies and Gentleman, there is yet another new Vietnamese restaurant that Mrs Foodietraveller has found for you. Ngon Vietnamese Kitchen is located on Lambton Quay, aka the Golden mile. It’s open Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm and is going great guns.

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A slice of Saigon in Welly

Annam lanternsannam chicken curryAnnam prawn rice paper rollsAnnam Beef Salad1Annam dragonsAnnam Wok Beef Stir fry with fried rice rolls

Annam has brought us an authentic taste of French and Vietnamese dishes due to the French colonisation of Vietnam.Under culinary local Chris Green’s old Arbitrageur roof, he provides us with a snapshot of a bustling, contemporary slice of Vietnam. He is assisted by Nikki Chung owner of Willis St’s Nam cafe. Continue reading