Coffee and pizza

Raglan Roast Coffee’s mission is to “make coffee, that’s great, fast and affordable” – and boy are they en point! They started with an old coffee machine at the back of a kite surfing shop, 16 years ago. They have matured and now working with the best coffee brewing and grinding equipment, producing amazing tasting coffee. The secret? Roasting daily to ensure their coffee is in primo, fresh condition. They have 8 locations in New Zealand; 3 in Hamilton, 1 in Nelson and 4 in Welly. Continue reading

Who ate all the pies?

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I thought I’d change-up my Saturday ritual lunch of sous-vide eggs with salad and try one of Jo’s pies in Cleveland St Brooklyn. What a treat. I’m not a pie girl by any means so if I do have one, I’d say probably annually, it’s gotta be a goodie. This certainly was up there in my ratings and a very, very close second to Café Mirabelle’s (Carterton) and Barista’s café in Panama St. Continue reading