What’s hot in Hawkes Bay right now?!


This week I tried some outstanding restaurants/cafes on my work trip to Hawkes Bay. I ate like a Queen (literally) as she actually does eat almost paleo-like!

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Sacre Bleu!

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Gordon Blue is what we refer to in jest as Cordon Bleu. Ooh la la my friends, it’s best we don’t jest as this experience is nothing to scoff at.  Continue reading

Stunning food, scenic view!

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In Napier for work, I got to enjoy Scenic Te Pania hotel’s restaurant.  Yes I hear you groan as hotel food has a reputation of not being that flash right? However, not The Exchange Bar and Brasserie which appears to sit under the radar. I was so impressed with how sensational the food was, let alone the setting and fantastic service, that I had to share this and it comes totally unprompted and unbiased. Continue reading