Time to refuel

refuel3Refuel fruit salad and yoghurtrefuel pancakes with maple syrup and coconut cream

I’m an ultra early bird and have been a Les Mills Extreme gym junkie forever. When I arrive and leave, Refuel cafe is closed. One day I happened to glance up at the blackboard menu, and noticed it featured some Paleo dishes e.g. Paleo pancakes, bacon and eggs, so I vowed and declared then that I would come here to test the pancakes. I make banana pancakes weekly so being competitive and inquisitive, I wanted to try theirs. Continue reading

Good Evening Vietnam!

Rest 883Rest 88 2Rest88 4

I think these guys have missed the boat a little with their namesake Restaurant 88. You wouldn’t immediately know this was a Vietnamese restaurant. However if you know anything about great food, you’ll have heard of it. There’s just something about the dark, peaceful decor with buddhas and plants, the fresh colour and stunning taste of this cuisine, and the delightful, gentle people that make this such an awesome place.

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