Winston Churchill is alive in Welly!

While the first international ice hockey game in Wellington, Canada vs USA was delayed, we headed to The Churchill, Northern end of Lambton Quay, to kill some time. This place is another venture linked to the Wellington Hospitality Group. I’ve not heard of anyone that’s been to this gastropub, so Ann, Eileen and I were quite excited to try something new. I can’t even remember what it was called before it was Paris as it’s had quite several name changes. For the oldies out there it used to be The 1860. Now that’s going back a few years. Continue reading

Melbourne foodie/travel tips!

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6th visit to Melbourne and this time blogging was my purpose, with a wee spot of shopping and sightseeing thrown in for good measure. My eatathon will be one I won’t forget quickly and has set the scene for future visits.

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France; Uzes to Dijon

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Only 20 minutes walk from town, our Italian-style hotel le Saint Genies in Uzes, was absolutely stunning, apart from the grumpy owner!. It was so nice to relax by the pool before exploring the town late afternoon. We hit an international cycle race en route which was fun as was the fantastic live street music. I did expect a bit more though, as Peta Mathias raved about this town.  Continue reading

France; Toulouse to Carcassonne!

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I always laugh when I hear the name Toulouse, as my French-Canadian tutor used to say “that’s where the All Blacks go to lose!” Hardy ha ha. Ahem that was some time ago. 

Our GPS had the most dire French pronunciation that made us laugh, however it always too us directly to a restaurant address for lunch, as you know that’s a priority for me. Thanks to Rick Stein and luck on our side, we got the last table outside, with no reservation, in the sun, at Au Pere Louis- winebar/restaurant.

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Doughnut and coffee anyone?

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Georgia’s espresso is yet another innovative container cafe that’s opened up by the Zeal crew, on the corner of Dixon and Victoria Streets. It’s all for a good cause supporting barista training in Wellington. Read post on the original Stories espresso container cafe – They have also been part of Wellyonaplate by serving different filled doughnuts for 10 days; each of which are created by various Welly chefs along with their fantastic People’s coffee.

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