Capitol in the Capital!

I love this wee café/restaurant perfectly situated on the corner of Cambridge Terrace and Marjoribanks Street. It’s very Parisian and the people watching is out of this world.  Step inside with me. Continue reading

A+ for Aro St Cafe

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Sometimes a fantastic café can actually be so close yet so far right?. Sorry Aro Street Café you are just that, but not anymore after my recent visits. You are so quiet and modest and sit nicely on Aro Street, yet you just scream such goodness. Hubby and I have even walked past you often on Sundays, but it’s ok as you are now safely again on my radar. We’re also aware now that you’re open for dinner. Cool beans. Continue reading

Eat Study Drink!

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Memories flooded back from my ‘uni’ (or ‘varsity’) days when I visited Victoria University campus for a coffee meeting. In those dark ages, we had two cafes; one for the BP’s (beautiful people) and the other nick-named as the ‘scungy’ cafe. Ours had filter coffee served in brown, now retro, arcoroc mugs, with an occasional afghan biscuit. I never ever visited the other one of course as the ‘eye candy’ was not the same. Continue reading