Austrian Welly deli

Third visit but first review as the food was always very good, but the service appalling. I had boycotted my local along with other Brooklynites for 2 years because of the rude lady that used to work there. What a difference, now she’s gone. Obviously the menu has since changed. Read on to find out. Continue reading

Who ate all the pies?

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I thought I’d change-up my Saturday ritual lunch of sous-vide eggs with salad and try one of Jo’s pies in Cleveland St Brooklyn. What a treat. I’m not a pie girl by any means so if I do have one, I’d say probably annually, it’s gotta be a goodie. This certainly was up there in my ratings and a very, very close second to Café Mirabelle’s (Carterton) and Barista’s café in Panama St. Continue reading

The pidgin is not too salty!

Salted pidgin2Salted pidgin1salted pidgin

Being locals, we thought we’d try one of the newbies on the block for Sunday brunch; the Salty Pidgin in Cleveland St, Brooklyn. I was talking with a friend the other day and we agreed that this spot unfortunately has never been the same since Lois Daish closed the Brooklyn Bistro in the ‘80’s.  Lois just hit the mark in every way and it was perfect. Everyone as been mourning since. Continue reading