My name is Denise Menara and I launched my blog on Sunday 15th June 2014.   I basically live to eat and travel. I’m a passionate foodietraveller, and am hugely into health, wellbeing and fitness.

I have travelled extensively since the age of 15, lived in London, the U.S.A twice and Fiji, and I love sharing my travel stories. I am a true Wellingtonian, half Italian and work fulltime in the hospitality industry.

I’m the “go-to” person if anyone is ever looking for somewhere to eat in Wellington, NZ or overseas as well as provide travel tips. I also love cooking and entertaining and get a big kick out of recipe testing; adapting them to easy, healthier versions.

My blog is an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with food, travel  and to inspire you to live a healthy, positive and fun life.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. It was lovely to meet you at Albion Cafe in Napier today, Denise. Looking forward to getting your tips on good places to eat! And enjoy Pipi tonight – one of my regular favourite places.

    • Susan, so lovely to meet you too and I was telling all my friends and clients about the lovely ladies I met from the Bay while lunching. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my posts.
      Take care

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