Cefalu – Sicily

As much as it takes time to write these blog posts, it’s just the best thing ever as I get to relive our holiday moments.  Please continue to Join me on our second to last leg of Sicily. Cefalu is so gorgeous, it gets it’s very own page.Prior to arriving in the stunning Cefalu, hubby wanted to detour to Enna to checkout the Sicilian outdoor outlet. It’s heavily promoted everywhere but I wasn’t keen, as I just knew what to expect. However seeing Enna was a drawcard, as it’s featured heavily in my screenplay and am so glad we visited. The countryside was stunning. It’s so vast and all of a sudden these huge hilltop cities spring out of nowhere. Parking was a challenge so we just weaved our way through the streets to get a feel for the place and it was adorable. As for the outlet, as expected, designer brands, very expensive except for a few shops and fortunately hubby snagged a couple pair of sneakers on sale, so it was worth it. The outlet was about 15 minutes drive from Enna and only an hour from Catania.

Cefalu, is still part of Palermo but a seaside town, and it was jampacked with crazy Italian beachgoers. Because we couldn’t reach our monastery accommodation by car, by far the dumbest decision to stay there ever, I had to do two trips in the searing heart, with our luggage thrugh the cobblestone streets and throng of crowds. We then couldn’t find a park on the street so found an open air carpark for a cost of $50 NZD overnight. By far the most expensive parking in the whole of Sicily! Ridiculous. Hubby and I were contemplating returning to setup a carparking business in Sicily, as you could make a fortune!!.

Our monastery stay was pretty basic, and I think was merely a home for unmarried Mums and an old folks’ home. The seaview from our small bedroom window was lovely, but the view from the terrace, which sold me on this place to start with was a joke and not like the website pics. Cunning nuns!! Um no tv or wifi here with a hard bed thrown in for good measure. I just heard voices and transister radios on and off but I think we crashed anyway.

By day Cefalu is vibrant with stunning views, churches, shops, restaurants and by night so picturesque. I just loved meandering through the cobblestone streets, happily snapping away every two seconds. It had such a good vibe and was full of happy locals and tourists. Many young ones camp overnight on the beach (probably because of the astronomical parking charges!). The restaurants specialise in seafood and all of a muchness and we enjoyed our octopus entrée and I didn’t realise my swordfish was a pasta. It was nice but I was so wanting just fish and salad.

When we departed Cefalu, very nearby, we discovered this amazing bakery/café attached to a hotel. We weren’t quite sure of the system and it was a bit overwhelming but you order and pay first and then hand your receipt over.  Hubby had two huge arancini, and I had a lemon cream croissant with our coffees. Simply a divine way to finish.

Ciao tutti.


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