Marsala to Trapani, Sicily

We drove from Agrigento for an hour for a quick stop in Marsala. Given Marsala is significant for well Marsala yes but Garibaldi and his redshirts, I just had to visit this place to pay him tribute as an Italian. Marsala also features in my screenplay so it just added to my Sicily research. The city itself was pretty compact, with a huge street full of shops. We stumbled upon a beautiful church in the square, and some markets. The beach was nothing spectacular and on the outskirts were the salt flats. Done. We then drove further to Trapani. Oh my word, this place like Ortigia, stole my heart and was one of my faves.

Our hotel suite at Residence La Gancia was fantastic. I initially was advised a sea view was subject to availability, however I put in a special request and boom it made all the difference! The staff were so lovely and helpful and were on top of their game as to where the best restaurants were. Our recommendation for lunch was fab. Sadly as it was a Saturday night many restaurants were booked out for dinner. Their third choice on the waterfront was absolutely fantastic. Marcus and I couldn’t believe why they were fairly empty but the restaurant right next door had a queue. Our meal was outstanding and we got the bonus of the sunset and sea view.

This seaside city is just adorable. Parking was easy near the hotel and some kind local gave us her ticket so we had 2 hours free as we had to pay until 8am the following day. With regards to parking, I always choose a hotel with it included but sadly in Sicily, I think we had two that offered it onsite or valet but it’s never free. You also rarely can park onsite so this just makes it a bit more challenging.

We strolled around this beautiful place taking lots of pictures. There were so many churches and they were lovely. One in particular had a wedding on and I stood at the back and the soloist brought me to tears. The flowers were stunning too.

The boutique shops were fab; just the way I like it and the whole place was old and quaint with such a lovely ambiance. At night the streets were lit up and just so darn pretty. I must say I was very sad to say goodbye to Trapani.

Next week join me to Palermo; the largest city in Sicily.


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