Moss Cafe

Last year, my gym friend Rebecca told me about a café that catered for glutards and paleo followers.  I never caught the name of it and forgot about it. MossCaff is situated in the ASB centre in Hunter Street. I recently saw a post of a coconut latte from a fellow Instagram friend and boom, foodtraveller as enticed.MossCaff is a family business, owned by Ian Davidson. HIs team appear to be the most happiest, friendliest staff I’ve come across. One of them, so happy in her job, openly sings out loud and does have talent, so she can easily give up her day job.

 I didn’t realise that everything here is made from recycled materials. And I guess the name comes from the moss greenery on the wall and the interest in offering some plant-based food.  The décor is nice and there’s a large table by the window which gets great sun but I missed out on all occasions as Welly peeps love the sun on a cold winter’s day.

I met my Greek friend Sophie here for lunch. I noticed the cabinet food offered DF GF V slices and a few salads but the rest of the food appeared a bit too heavy on the bready/sandwhichy/pastry items for my liking. I chose a wee bacon and egg quiche muffin and Sophie chose some kumera chips. We both really enjoyed our lunch and the piece de resistance was my coconut milk latte. It was divine. I couldn’t tempt Sophie with a sweet, raw slice takeaway but the peanut butter, ginger ones looked great as did the bliss ball and chia pudding. Apparently the muffins on the counter are GF too (as in gluten-free but not grainfree), as they’re not labelled at all in description or price. They change these up also.

As for the rest of the menu, I was a little disappointed as again I expected more greens and I found the options a little strange. I assume they’re trying to cater for all but it just was a little confusing as to where they’re headed. I didn’t see a salad on the blackboard menu or greens as a side option.  The raw salads in the cabinet I think had grains so just are not my kind of salads.  They had a vege mushroom stack or eggs on toast (paleo bread as an option), and there were a few curries (served with rice and quinoa ?). Now cauli mash or rice would be amazing. There was a nice sounding Asian chicken soup but provided with bread (again).

I snuck back in between my third visit for a matcha latte and it was fabbo and hit the spot nicely.  Then my third visit was with a fellow colleague/friend with a photography hobby. I have developed this sudden obsession for French toast, waffles and pancakes but can’t seem to find anyone that makes them GF DF Paleo apart from me or the buckwheat waffles at Seize Cafe on Lambton Quay. I didn’t even think to substitute this with paleo bread.   I do actually try to avoid any bread wherever possible although at home will have turmeric toast about once a week which I love. The sourdough was fine and it’s a little better for digestion. It was stunning in presentation and very yummy with bananas, blueberry and maple syrup. Ty got his salmon and avocado bagel instantly and waited patiently for my order, which did take an extra 10 minutes. I did get a heads-up it was on its way so this was very much appreciated.  I

I definitely will return for a coconut latte, matcha latter and try a raw slice but think my dash is done here menu-wise unless I see a big change. It’s cute though and a little different. Oh and I forgot to mention they sell a range of Italian Bennetti chocolate tablets.



The decor is warm, sunny and plant-y with lots of lovely open space, and if on your own, could quite happily sit at the window seats watching the world go by.

We enjoyed a mushroom stack with paleo bread, and a paleo spiced lamb and kumara pie. Both of which were superb. And had me immediately plotting my next visit.

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