Yoshi sushi and bento

Yoshi Sushi and Bento; say that fast three times and someone will think you’re speaking fluent Japanese! My foodie instagrammer friends and I, often influence each other about new places to frequent, and this one popped up on my feed.  As they highly recommended the chicken karaage as being a goodie, I couldn’t go past it, so headed to Press Hall to check it out. This place is at the back behind the fabulous LabCentral. I love the fact it’s not open and hidden away. It’s uber cool and trendy and very Japanesy. It originated back in 2010 and is the brainchild of Helen and Yoshi Kono who brought these flavours to New Zealand.  They incorporated their family crest into the concept and used designers which is very evident in the décor.  They have a shop in Featherston Street and Lambton Quay which I may have seen but never tried and now their latest is in Press Hall. Yah.

It’s super busy and customer service is fantastic. My first visit was a takeaway. It took awhile but was worth it so I know it’s made fresh and with love.  It was super delicious however I think my future visits will be sit in, so I can absorb the cool vibe with the other corporates lunchalots.

It’s super reasonable and they have the longest counter ever stocked with lovely sushi and other specials. They have stacked shelves of sake and other wines and liquors, however these are probably most consumed at dinner time. It’s super casual but sophisticated and enclosed so you don’t know you’re eating in a food hall.

I stumbled back here for a second visit as I was going to introduce my Christchurch foodie friend Jo to Teppan Hayashi but they were closed.  But am so glad I did as hubby got to come along too and we so loved it. Our old neighbour Tina who’s also a foodie friend showed up also so we had a brief catchup with her too.

I decided to try a plum wine and Jo had a lemon soda and Hubby a beer. We then shared some amazing edamame, gyoza pork dumplings and octopus balls; the latter which I was surprised as to how much I liked.  Hubby chose a teriyaki beef bento, and I had to go for a poke bowl. I chose pork belly. It didn’t really come out as expected but was still extremely delicious and served with edamame, cucumber, avocado, slaw, rice.  Jo had tuna and salmon and the colours and flavours were superb.  Portions were good too.

The menu is very large and I usually scan over the sushi and sashimi as don’t really eat rice (grain) much and am not a fan of sashimi, but I’d really like to still try these and work my way through the menu.

Many dishes are vegan, GF and vegetarian which is great.  I think next time I’ll try a ramen or udon dish and I definitely have to have more poke and bento.  They also have a Yoshi special – Wed to Fri 330pm to 6pm – a Japanese beer or wine and renkon chips or wasabi noriten chips for $8. Not bad. This I know is going to be one of my faves in Press Hall. I may even surprise myself and try a matcha vegan gelato too. Keep you posted.  Itadakimasu! Arigato.

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