Coffee and pizza

Raglan Roast Coffee’s mission is to “make coffee, that’s great, fast and affordable” – and boy are they en point! They started with an old coffee machine at the back of a kite surfing shop, 16 years ago. They have matured and now working with the best coffee brewing and grinding equipment, producing amazing tasting coffee. The secret? Roasting daily to ensure their coffee is in primo, fresh condition. They have 8 locations in New Zealand; 3 in Hamilton, 1 in Nelson and 4 in Welly.Foodietraveller decided to visit all 4 Welly locations in just over a week, so I could share this with you in one go. Two visits were with my dear foodie friend Eileen, one solo and one with hubby.

For so long I have wanted to visit all of these (before the Willis Street one came along). And I’d have to say the Abel Smith St without a doubt was my fave. Why? It was so retro-chic grungy. I thought it was just a hole in the wall so the size and different seating areas just blew my mind.  The furniture and vibe was awesome and the barista was super friendly. It was like being in someone’s house. Our long blacks were delicious.

The Chaffers Dock – Herd St café was nice and contemporary. The coffee cups were gorgeous and all different bright colours. They don’t bother with saucers in any of the cafes by the way. I liked the big table at the front and the more comfy seating at the back, although we had to stay at the front as someone had spilt their drinks on the sofas and they were wet and sticky. Ooh. It was quite empty on an early Saturday avo so maybe this location’s not quite right, as the Mojo Poneke has better custom.

The Willis Street one has been various different cafes that have opened and gone bust, but this one will definitely stay. It has such a nice feel to it and was full of what appeared to be “loyal” punters. The door never stops opening.

The last visit was at the main Welly headquarters in Holland St, where they make all the yummy cabinet food; pies, slices and cookies and this one serves pizza..  What a surprise and delight. The pizza is authentic, Italian and made with the loving hands of Northern Italian Matteo. His lovely Japanese wife, Kino.

As soon as I spotted the Gebroni I was sold! How could a brisket girl not order brisket with spinach and blue cheese? The others all sounded amazing.  We weren’t sure whether to order one to share or two. Being athletes and ok with extras, we opted for two as per Matteo’s recommendation, and his help with our second choice – Porko. Matteo said even his 70 yr old Father can handle one on his own, like most Italians. They are so light and delicioso. We could have easily demolished them both in the one sitting, but I held back, of course, so hubby could take some home.  He adores pizza as I adore but my tummy doesn’t so much so it’s a treat. I had a wee bite of the Gebroni cold as he ate two slices for breakfast.  The flavours were even more sublime. Italians do it better!

We sat at the only table on the left of the pizzeria, which seats about 4 comfortably and there are 2 window seats opposite the counter where the pizza is made on the other side. We’ll definitely be coming back to try a  Margherita, Calabrese and Capricciosa and I may have to sneak in another Gebroni for good measure.  They also offer vegetarian, vegan, DF or VGO (vegan cheese options for extra $).  You can phone in advance, pickup, order online and/or use their delivery service @delivereasy.

Matteo also makes his own ciabattas and these are reasonably priced at $5 a loaf. He kindly gifted me a small loaf, as Italians do and we shared it with butter and japonica jam the next day. It was fabulous.

This Raglan is open early for coffees and snacks every day, but the pizza is only available Wednesday to Sunday from 3pm til late. I will certainly be back here to have a coffee and to sample a cookie.

The coffee in all these cafes is the cheapest in town, and consistent and delicious. All the baristas are super friendly and passionate about their work. Go check them out and tell me which one you prefer.


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