Good Morning Vietnam – Wellington

Thanks to fellow foodie friend Scotty, I learned that the Thai Chefs (opposite Chaffers New World) has recently changed to Good Morning Vietnam. Even though I’m Italian, you know Vietnamese food is right up there on my top fave cuisines to right? It’s so lovely and fresh with delicious flavours and sits well within my dietary requirements. We are just so spoiled for choice in Wellington for Vietnamese as it’s really taken off.I arrived early to take some snaps and had a nice chat to the owner. Sadly there was only one other punter in the hour we were there. I’m hoping that changes, and I can inspire so many more of you locals to support them. Great for a quick corporate lunch or a friend’s catchup.

I love not only Vietnamese food but the people and the culture- they are just happy, willing and love a simple life with good, fresh flavoursome food. This is what we got today.

The quick express lunch menu (available 1130 to 2pm Mon to Sat) offers a Bahn mi (Vietnamese baguette with honey pork), Vietnamese summer rolls, Pho noodle soup, Southern broken rice dish (grilled pork, omelette, pickles), grilled pork patties and rice noodles and a beef with rice noodle dish. I used my charm to have the chef make the Vietnamese pancake for us (dinner menu), and we chose the DF GF grilled pork patties with rice noodles. Geez they were both so delicious and packed with flavour and punch. You pour your own side vinegar and side greens all over or just a little as you wish. Kimmy and I went whole hog.

The dinner menu obviously has more starters such as deep fried spring rolls, crispy fried pork, dumplings, chicken wings and then moves to mains; sauteed beef, chicken or vege dishes, and a special mix of pork patties and fried spring rolls with a Hanoi beer, beef stew, pork belly clay pot. OMG I so want to go back now and it will take some time to try all the dishes. Desserts are a caramel custard, icecream or sticky rice. Any of these would go with a fab Vietnamese coffee.

Their full drinks list is huge and like the food menu, very affordable. It includes all wines, beers, spirits, cocktails, juices, soft drinks, coffees and teas.

Service is a no brainer here as it’s part of the Vietnamese make-up. Believe me you will not be disappointed – it’s just fabulous.


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