In their heyday – brewpub

Welly is now not only the coffee capital of the world but making a name for itself with craft beer. Breweries or brewpubs are just popping up everywhere. I love the fact that even if you’re not a beer drinker, they offer spirits, all types of wine,  bubbles and booch. Today we visited the coolest, funky, bright, hip brewpub on upper Cuba Street; HeyDay beer.The decor here is bright and refreshing with a turquoise/pink theme going on. It’s industrial with the vats on the left, however your eyes take you to the greenery and balloons hanging from the ceiling and nifty nick-nacks and coloured chairs. As for the pink flamingo wallpaper outside the loos, it’s so worth a squiz. There’s even a table tennis table down the back. You can sit outside or right up the front by the bar or to the side at tables with high stools or booth seating. Enough to cater for all seating tastes.

Ollie the Duty Manager was so welcoming and told us that we were about to sample the newly released menu. Before we looked at the eats though, we were interested in all the different types of craft beers and ciders. These are displayed on bright coloured flyers on the wall with the flavour description and alcohol content.

I’ve just recently started to get back into cider and I loved the ginger one that was available. They normally serve apple but were out. I flagged trying a kombucha but would definitely try that next time. My cider was so light and refreshing. The good thing is you can have a taste test first.  Eileen my ever so flamboyant friend, chose a flamboyance pomegranate beer. Even I liked it, so maybe I can be converted back to drinking beer.  She later snuck in a second one called La Mure; a blackcurrant ale that was equally delicious. They also offered various wines, hard liquor or tea or coffee.

As for food, there are various snacks or larger plate options which are labelled V or GF. We shared a medium size portion of the pork ribs and the fried chicken which came with chips. Everything was super delicious. We were surprised how large the menu was. Portions were great and it was good value for money. Other options were cheeseboards, antipasto boards, beer and food tasting boards, battered pickles, various dips, burgers, chips with different sauces, salads and slightly upmarket good pubgrub food.

They hold monthly events here and you can have private functions. June featured a Friday Queen’s Birthday tea party, Saturday live music night, heyday playday on a Sunday, hospo party and they have a winter xmas banquet coming up this Sunday 24th June.

At night they have these gorgeous hanging blue lights outside and set against the turquoise building, it’s such a gorgeous sight, that end of Cuba. Super dupa Cuba. I can’t wait to take hubby there for lunch and challenge him to a game of ping pong. I was good back in my day.

2 thoughts on “In their heyday – brewpub

  1. Heyday looks adorable & flamingos SO cool. Can’t help but think something went wrong as post was missing usual details that I so enjoy! Great reflection in front door 😉
    Keep it coming…love reading about food & drink in your neck of the woods!

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