Sourdough Wellington

Being an obsessed foodie, I was delighted to learn about this wee hidden gem in our Left Bank alleyway off Cuba St. When I say hidden, I mean hidden so I’ll set you the challenge and you have fun with it.Wellington Sourdough was established out of the Whitebait restaurant kitchen, where theor bread is served, as well as at Charley Noble. It’s small batch baking at its finest. You can buy the bread at fine food outlets like Moore Wilson’s and Ontrays and it’s also served at Nikau, Frank’s and Comes and Goes restaurants amongst others.

The café is spacious, funky, industrial and for a business or clandestine meeting, friendly catchup, or takeaway. There is plenty of seating scattered around the space I different areas. I loved the furniture, design, art wall art and ground tile, with a fab display of knickknacks, books, preserves and the breads and pastries of course.

This is the brainchild of Catherine Adams who crafts everything by hand. The team work out the back making artisan sourdough bread and pastries from simple, natural ingredients all from scratch.

You’d be hard-pushed to avoid ordering a delightful vanilla cream-filled brioche. I did on my first visit and kept dreaming about it, so once it gets in your head, you gotta act on in it right? I returned for a second visit on a Sunday as wanted to take some gourmet morning tea to Ma and Pa. I chose one of each of the four brioche displayed.  The chocolate cream was still in production but alas there were no vanilla creams. Dad’s fave was the chocolate cream, Mum’s the feijoa/white chocolate and mine, surprisingly, was the savoury saucisson (sausage). tomato and feta. The flavours of the latter were delicious. The roasted pear and almond looked like a friend,, dense and heavy, but of course they were all light, naturally, as brioche are.

These were put in a white box and sat on white doilies, so when you then transferred them to a pretty plate, it just added to the pretty presentation.

On my first visit, Lotty and I had a long black and a soy latte. My long black was served in a glass which I loved and was good. There’s just something je ne sais quoi about coffee in a glass. It must be my Italian heritage. They use Supreme coffee which is my ultimate fave.

Sourdough is open 7am to 2pm every week day except Wed and 8am to 4pm on weekends. Push open those heavy doors and it will not only surprise you but delight.

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