Italian brunch sort-of

Pandoro [panˈdɔːro] is a traditional Italian sweet yeast bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year. Typically a Veronese product, pandoro is traditionally shaped like a frustum with an eight-pointed star section. Pandoro Panetteria on Allen Street, was not our first port of call, but it became our choice due to Mother’s Day madness. I’ve frequented all three Pandoro’s in Wellington, however predominantly for coffee.

The smell, being an Italian bakery of course, is divine. A mix of breads, coffee, chocolate all blended together.

It was very warm and cosy and had such a lovely ambience. The counters are laden with every possible pastry, scone, muffin or brownie you can think of. Let alone a stunning selection of artisan breads, pies, sausage rolls, panini, croissants, pastries, cake slices and whole cakes. Their vegan chocolate cake is superb.

They cater for the Vegan’s, GF’s and DF’s and I’d completely forgotten they had a brunch menu. It’s huge offering with toast and preserves, porridge, muesli, eggs anyway or bene, montreal, spinach or whipped in an omelette. Or a Thai beef or halloumi wrap, avo smash, salmon and sweet potato fritters, vege soup, Italian pancakes, pasta, big carnivore or vego brekkie. Amazing.

Drinks-wise they had a fridge full of cold drinks and 10/10 for stocking kombucha. Sadly no coconut milk. They use my ultimate fave Supreme coffee brand and my long black and hubby’s mocha were great.  They also have a selection of teas and hot chocolate.

I was intrigued by the Italian pancakes. These were light and fluffy and layered with bacon with the berry coulis and maple drizzled over them. Nothing Italian about them – I should have known better. They were very sweet and delicious. Hubby who’s not a fan of chicken, ordered the creamy smoked chicken and spinach fettuccine. Go figure. He enjoyed it. I had a wee taste but it wasn’t me at all. Hubby realised he was missing the garlic bread advertised with the pasta.  Not being one to fuss, even though he is the biggest fusspot at home, he didn’t say anything, but I did. They kindly delivered him a long slither of buttered, toasted baguette. It wasn’t very garlicky, but his pasta definitely made up for it in that department.

When the vego brekkie was delivered to the lady in front of us, I let out a big “food envy” sigh. Man it looked so good. It was presented on a board with falafels, avocado, eggs, tomato and mushrooms. Darn. Next time.

There is no table service apart from delivery so you pay upfront. The service is super friendly. I’ll definitely be returning for that vege brekkie dish and to try some of those egg dishes.

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