Fake news?

Wellington is getting more like Melbourne by the minute. I’m loving the swanky new Press Hall; gourmet food eatery/laneway with rooftop bar on Willis Street. It’s still a WIP so I’m told and am shocked there are still people that walk past who’ve never heard of it or been before. The signage and marketing needs a bit more work.  I naturally gravitated towards the Lab, as a fan of  healthy food and I love their Victoria Uni location also. Lovely Johnny is the owner and he loves chatting to me about what’s on the slab and is open to suggestions. From matcha, turmeric, coffee lattes to chia puddings, bowls, eggs any way with add-ons, sandwiches. I’ve had  a turmeric, matcha, coffee latte, long black and eaten a meat and pickle sandwich so far. The sammie was tasty but too much bread for me so I can’t wait to plough through their other options. Service is fantastic.

My Italian feet then guided me towards Fratellis.  Annie and had a fantastic lamb tagliatelle and tortelloni with a side salad. Served in takeaway containers, the flavours were delicious and portions generous. We finished off with a lovely espresso and long black. This is my favourite so far.

My date with Libby had us trying the chicken and tofu Buddha bowl at Bao Boy (Dragonfly). It was ok but being the foodies that we are, we expected way more.

Lunch date was with Mia, we went to Souvlaki at Acropolis. The Greek ladies there were so lovely. I had failed to spot them over my numerous times due to their poor signage (not their fault). Anyway I was surprised they offered a gluten-free souvlaki. I chose the befteki (beef). Doh. Why did I do that? Greeks do lamb and chicken better than anyone. It was ok but just needed way more salt. Mia had a coke and some hot chips with feta and oregano. She said it was so-so. And before you ask, yes we are friends even with her food choice – ha ha. I will return and try their halloumi salad and their low carb souvlaki. They have such a big menu,  and as it was busy, I missed a lot of it, as I hurried my choice.

Last lunch date was with Kimmy. Kimmy and I love our food and we decided in advance we were going to share a Yoshi and a Lab bowl. However the Mad Mex lady handed me a 2 for 1 special flyer so this was the deciding vote.  I let Kimmy do the ordering and parked my special dietary requests today. We shared and so loved, a Naked Burrito with free range chicken and a free range pork quesadilla with extra guacamole. They were so tasty and even the medium sauce had some kick to it. For $6.85 each, it was a bargain. Most mains are around the $13, $14 mark. I would definitely have those two again and try beef and chorizo combos next. Big tick with the GF, vegetarian, vegan, extra protein options too. You can also down this with a Mexican soda, cerveza or margarita. I saw a sign for churros but couldn’t see any on the menu.

Next round I hope to feature Tommy Millions, Nam D, Yoshi,  Izakaya, Hanging Ditch and potentially Aroha. Happy for you to line me up for a lunch date anytime as there’s still a lot to get through here without doing repeats. Love Welly.

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