Vietnamese, Thai or Laos?

Tonight peeps we headed out to the burbs, meeting half way between Upper Hutt and Wellington with friends in Petone. Only a slightly 6 year overdue catchup! K Sing was their restaurant suggestion. We’d never heard of it, so bottle in wine in hand, table booked, we were good to go.We so love Petone. It has such amazing, reasonably-price restaurants with great food. The fact that it was absolutely chokka, punters were turned away and the phone didn’t stop ringing for 2 hours says something!

The menu is huge and offers Thai, Vietnamese and Laos food. I’ve never been to Laos or Cambodia. One day Roger Phipps.

I arrived first so I got to peruse the humungous menu. It’s broken into Appetizers, Soups, Curries, and deliciously sounding stirfries. I was unfamiliar with many of the dishes. I thought I was going to opt for number 21 – Pud Satay Nua – Beef and vegetables stirfried in sweet peanut sauce, with phan nung curry paste and roasted peanuts. But then my eyes moved to page 3 where more of the Vietnamese favourite dishes were calling out my name. You know me and my Vietnamese obsession. Ooh Vietnamese pancake or the Larb.  I convinced girlfriend to try the pancake as she thought she’d step out her comfort zone, never having tried it. Um it was way too sweet for our liking so I was gutted for her as I did say Apache and Vietnamese 88 do a fabulous one. My bad. I ordered my larb, and hubby funnily enough chose number 21 without realising that I had my eye on that one. Out of all the options I couldn’t believe it. Yah I was going to try that too. Other hubby chose stirfried chicken with ginger and veges. We normally share our dishes with others but this didn’t seem to happen?

We let them order starters; 2 servings of roti with peanut sauce. A real treat for us. We’d normally order satay and spring rolls (GF and less carbs) but we can try them next time.

The appetisers arrived followed too quickly with the mains. Don’t you hate that? But at least we could still munch away on the roti at the same time. The peanut sauce wasn’t very nice as it was a more a thick paste but the roti was good. Next time we will ask to spread it out a bit if they’re able. Maybe this was their way of fast turnover?!

My larb arrived and OMG is was literally the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s totally knocked Thai Panom’s off it’s perch into second place. This had real grilled pork slices, (or you could have chicken or beef) and not mince. Infused with red onions, mint, chillies, lemon juice and roasted rice (although I think I got noodles which was fine). The flavours were sensational and I ordered medium so the kick was just perfect. I couldn’t finish it as it was a huge portion. It came with a side order of boiled or sticky rice. As I don’t eat either generally, I opted for the traditional sticky. It was served in the cutest basket but was more like glue so I left it. I didn’t need it anyway.

At $26 you’d expect a good sized portion and for it to be good. I thought that was a bit steep for an Asian main in these surroundings. Most other mains were $18, $19, however it was so worth every penny in value and taste. I had to ask for a takeaway container which I never do, as by God I was not letting this go to waste. Only to my waist. Hubby and I had shared it as part of our post workout breakfast the next day. Divine. That’s how we roll in our household.

As for the décor, a few peeps warned me to be wary as it wasn’t flash. I thought it was absolutely fine. I don’t care as long as the food and service was good which it was, despite it being a bit chaotic at times. Takeaway punters lined up by our table near the till. Table at the front next time for sure.

Put this on your list guys as you will do more than one visit.  They’re open Monday to Saturday and they have lunch hours also.

Love you longtime K Sing. See you soon. BTW, you’re actually not hearing this as you don’t have a website or Instagram but enjoy the extra business!! You deserve it.


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