Mrs Brown or Mama Brown?

This is about my fifth visit to Mama Brown but no post as it was in my pre-blogging days. They’ve since changed their menu and their hours. Now open Wed- Sunday, they’ve finally realised that they need to open earlier on weekends. Each time I’ve driven by on a weekend, I’ve noticed how much fuller the café is.  However my bug bear is, if they open at 9am, they should be ready to go at 9am. Not be taking chairs off tables and wiping tables. This is not ok.We waited outside for about 5 minutes and then still felt like, being the first customers, we were intruding. Fortunately we chose a table in the sun and were offered drinks immediately. But my friend’s hot chocolate still took about 10 minutes to arrive so the barista/chefs weren’t ready to go either. It was served with two big marshmellows and a biscotti which was a nice touch.

I had seen Instagram pics of the fabulous looking waffles so I’d already decided in advance, I was keen to try those. Girlfriend was a sport. I convinced her to try and share a fried chicken and maple savoury waffle as well as a caramelised banana one with berry conserve. I’m not sure why but our waitress just couldn’t grasp what we were wanting. The menu states a waffle two stack for $13.50  and then you choose toppings which are an extra $3.50. We  ordered one savoury- chicken and one sweet banana and berry to share. We had to repeat our order about three times. When it arrived I was really surprised at how large the chicken portion was- like 3 smallish escalopes with a little slaw on the bottom. It was absolutely delicious though and didn’t need any extra maple. As for the caramelised banana, that was divine and the extra berry compote just made it all the more yummier.

Other all day breakfast options were bacon and eggs, breakfast burrito. Snacks are Cajun fries, corn chips with salsa, chilli cheese fries (had these before and they’re good). Then you have either the gourmet or classic burgers or you can choose a main with a hefty price tag. They also had a selection of desserts.

We were so full but I needed a long black to help digest. These were not my healthy homemade buckwheat waffles. As there was only one waitress and Homegrown was on, I just could not get her attention as she was so busy. I finally just went to the counter to order . Not the nicest long black by any means but it was also served with a biscotti.

The decor is very cool with old airline seats on one side of a table and normal chairs on the other and/or they have booth seating. It’s very bright with cool lights hanging.

When we went to pay, I noticed they sell at range of American candy which would appeal to some. We got the bill and I knew immediately that our order had been stuffed up. Waitress had ordered us the full main of chicken and waffles at $26.00. OMG I’d never pay that in a million years for that type of dish? They were also very shy on the slaw and if I’d known at the time, I would have asked ” please ma’am can I have smore?” $18 max would be my limit. It was delicious, so we were ok and didn’t say anything and just paid. At least we didn’t need lunch. However be warned if you are keen to try a fried chicken waffle in the future. I’m sure the chicken strips would have been just as good and just as delicious.

I’d come back to share one of their famous shakes; KitKat, Banoffie Pie, Oreo, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coffee Espresso, Chocolate Banana, Salted Caramel, Berry. Their sundae or GF brownie looked really good too. A right royal knees up Mother Brown!

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