Asian, Mexican, Kiwi, Vegan!

My fellow Welly instagrammers had posted a few pics of some of the delicious food being served at Willi’s Kitchen. But where the heck is this place you ask? It’s on Manners Street, just a few shops along from Bodyshop, before Pigeon park. Neatly tucked away – blink and you’d miss it.I knew this was the perfect lunch spot for us to try after a long, enjoyable 12km Sunday walk. I checked the menu in advance and knowing they served pork belly, Asian ribs and breakfast bowls/jars, this was going to fit the bill.

I can’t recall what this place was before but because of the wood it’s quite dark. It’s like an old fashioned tea room yet has some cute, kitch artwork, and full of character.

The cabinet displayed some fine-looking GF and V sweet slices with standard cookies and scones/muffins on the counter. I loved the menu but it kind of sat in the middle of what I normally eat and what I was wanting. I  didn’t feel like Vietnamese seared beef or free-range chicken salads but love those dishes. Eggs on sourdough or GF toast with avocado didn’t cut it today either. You get me right? You know what you want but you don’t. The Acai bowl with fresh fruit sounded lovely but with granola (grain), the breakfast in a jar sounded yummy too but with oats  and the breakfast party bowl with buttermilk panna cotta was a mix of both grain and dairy. In the end I chose the hotcakes. Unfortunately Willy couldn’t make these GF  for me which was fine. I didn’t want the special lolly cake version though, so was being difficult without trying to be. He got me. We laughed and he said what do you want?. I said some with fruit and yoghurt ? He offered the apple pie ones? I was like, yes, yes now you’re talking. I’d seen pics of those on Instagram. He also added he could make the vegan tortillas GF with chicken curry, but that didn’t tick a box today either. Very accommodating I must say.

We sat at the wee table by the window and the sun was streaming in. Nice. What a shame we were the only punters right on lunchtime.

Hubby ordered a side of fries with kimchi aioli. I did point out that it was  kimchi aioli not kimchi, and he said he knew that. Of course he did. They looked delish when they arrived, but I could only eat a few, as they were far too oily, and the aioli was just ok. Even hubby left half of them! Not like him to ever leave anything to waste ever!

His pork belly with pork crackling on greens looked amazeballs.  It was so melt in your mouth but he wouldn’t let me try any of his crackling!!.  Mean as. My hotcake stack of three was divine, with cinnamon apple, maple, strawberries and cream. I loved every single bite and offered to share but hubby was all good.  Such a treat and I was full all afternoon. Top marks Mr Willi.

Prices and portions were great. We couldn’t fit in coffee or anything else. However I ducked back for a second visit to try the vegan, salted caramel, apple crumble tarte.  It was yummo. So nutty, soft, crunchy, applely with caramel sweetness.

The owners and staff are lovely and friendly. They’re the people that take kindly to constructive feedback and don’t take it personally. They’d rather improve and be successful. Love that attitude. So on that note Mr and Mrs Willi, would you please consider some coconut yoghurt and buckwheat flour for next time please!!. Love your work. I’ll be back for ribs, the Vietnamese baguette, Salads, Korean nibbles and something Mexican for sure.

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