Lola, la la la la Lola!

Welly is always opening and closing cafes right. If it wasn’t for your trusted, honest foodietraveller blogger, most of you foodies would be none the wiser perhaps. Mind you the DomPost Life Insert on Wednesdays, is great for keeping us all up to date with the café/restaurant movers and shakers. Some Instagrammers just post photos and call themselves bloggers, but I’ve committed to writing a weekly post for almost 4 years, all for the love of food and travel.

So Lola stays was the old Vista on Oriental Bay. Vista was always so busy this place is no different. It helps having a sunny spot for outside diners. Initially I thought this place was solely a boutique hotel. The name Lola was chosen by the owners merely because they liked the name. Cool eh? That’s how I choose my race horses!

We were fortunate to secure a special reserved table (thanks Bindie), as we’d tried to get in the previous week, but hubby won’t queue. I could see weeks going by before we got our opportunity.

I loved our wee booth seat and as we got there first, other friends got the stools. Hubby loves flamingos so the flamingo wallpaper was a hoot, and the artwork and lights uber cool. I think they’ve added these seats and moved the kitchen from the former joint. It’s tight but all works well.

Service was very swift and coffee orders were taken immediately. We did have to ask for water though as we’d just finished a 12km walk you know! Sunday walk followed by Sunday lunch is our Sunday date day tradition.

The menu is split into Earlier (before 3pm) and All Day Bites & Shares midday onwards. Given I was hungry I knew to go for a Bigger plate. They offered good ‘ole eggs done anyway with a variety of bread, brioche, GF or just with jam or the famous Welly Fix + Fogg peanut butter. There were 2 Smoothie bowls – very trendy, and granola but I can have those at home.  They did offer design-your-own smoothies (without the bowl) but these were featured under the sides, so could easily get missed.

Bigger plates were smashed avo, tomato, goats cheese on rye, bacon and egg roll, breakfast tacos (with chorizo looked yummo), avocado, halloumi bruschetta (girlfriend’s choice), wilted greens (GF), crushed almonds and poached egg (mmm next time), Brioche French Toast (next time). I chose the breakfast bruschetta with halloumi, avo, poached egg and chose wilted greens vs tomato. It was very yummy.  The sides were bacon, roasted tomato, halloumi or wilted greens. Both hubbies didn’t want to share so they chose off the all day menu. It did state bites which they were.

I think hubby’s pork belly with kimchi, was about 2- 3 bites. I did suggest we order more and share in advance or he order some fries, wilted greens or salad but he refused. Other hubby chose the whitebait roll. Naturally the girls were way more sensible as their plates were a good price and portion. Unfortunately I’d need to order 2-3 bite plates for me too, (we’re athletes) but then you’d be up around the $30+ person without drinks. Ok for dinner but not for a casual lunch. Maybe some were larger than others. We didn’t think to ask. They did sound yummy though so choose if you eat like a bird.

Other choices were Cobb Salad (GF), Panzanella salad (yum) , grilled fish, shredded pork tacos with apple slaw or firecracker chicken tacos, poke bowl of market fish and rice, lamb loin chops, beef short ribs, and beef tataki.

They had  an extensive wine list, beers and juices but not a huge range of cold drinks. No booch sadly.

Would I return?. Yes. In a flash? Probably not but I would definitely recommend you give it a shot. Toodle pip.

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