To be frank!

The powers of social media eh? Thanks to an instant pic by fellow foodies Wellybrunch, I changed my original Friday lunch date venue to Frank’s on the Terrace. They also have one in Newtown too. I’d been here before three years ago only for a coffee, and remember their lovely cabinet food which they still have; lots of gorgeous muffins/cakes and filled rolls. I don’t recall them having a breakfast/lunch menu, so was so looking forward to trying it out.

The décor is very light, minimalist, Scandi design with a few tables on the ground floor and tables/booth seating upstairs with two tiny tables on an outdoor terrace. To save time as lunch is restricted, I perused the menu online. Um unfortunately it didn’t help at all. They just got slammed and couldn’t cope with the punters. I had to literally almost fall over my table to get the waitress’s attention to ask for a menu. She was run off her feet. We were asked if we wanted coffees and we declined but asked for water instead. To be offered sparkly or still was a lovely surprise without having to pay $7 for an expensive Antipodes bottled water like many restaurants charge, when they ask you that question. Not here. It was free. Yah. We also advised the waitress we were ready to place our order. She later returned advising a wait of 10-15 minutes. Ok we can cope with that but not 40 minutes. The waiter apologised and said another 5 minutes. So 10 minutes goes by and we had to be quite firm to say we needed to eat and the girls beside us that came 30 mins after us, we tucking into theirs! The waiter kept apologising and did kindly offer us a free drink which we declined.

Finally. BFF and I choses to share two dishes; The Frank Benny and French Berry Brioche.  The braised beef brisket served on a rosti with poached eggs, beetroot hollandaise and tobacco onions was nice but not outstanding. Shame given the wait. However the Sourdough Mixed Berry Brioche with lemon curd, honeycomb marscapone and pistachio praline was a work of art. Scrumptious eh Wellybrunch?!

Other things on the all day breakfast menu were seeded or sourdough toast with preserves or Fix and Fogg peanut butter flavours, bircher muesli, granola, quinoa porridge, buckwheat fryup (yum), boston beans with halloumi, bacon and egg, smoked salmon eggs benny or a vego version which sounded delicious.  You can also have eggs done anyway and add some yummy sides e.g handcut fries, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, bacon, sausage or walnut/raisin black pudding. Now that black pudding sounds intriguing. They’ve been very smart with the menu design by catering to the GF, V, DF and Paleo peeps among us without actually having to state the fact. Basically if you’re one of these peeps, you know what and how to order.

I’ll definitely return but probably early on a Saturday so I’m not rushed and hopefully they’re not slammed again. Credit to the male waiter who did lean over the cashier and significantly reduced the bill for us, as would be expected. Good recovery. It’s all about the recovery. I should know as I live and breathe sales/service for a living right?! Just being frank.

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