Having a girlie breakfast catchup in a former sex shop ‘Device’ on Willis St was interesting! I can’t tell you about the before setup but the after transformation is Goldmine. The latest innovation is by the owners of Lamason in Lombard Lane, so their brew coffee is one of their specialities.The fit out is minimalist but very cool, Scandi-type design, light and spacious, which seems to be super popular. They have separate tables and booth seating and some stools up at the bay to cater for all seating needs. As a booth-lover, it’s a no brainer.

While waiting for my 2 gal pals, for 10 minutes, didn’t bother me, what did bother me is that no-one approached me, so I assumed you had to order at the bar. I approached the bar and they said no we come to you?! However I think staff prefered to have a staff chin-wag. I find this really frustrating as it’s such a time waster when you’re working and on a schedule. Fortunately the waiter was friendly and took my order for a long black. Then the waitress came over to offer sparkly or still water. Nice touch. Coffee arrived and I had a nice chat about coffee and dairy-free milks with the waiter, so all forgiven (but don’t do it again!!).

The menu is amazing and I wanted to try everything. It’s split into breakfast, sides, brunch and lunch and it appears to be an all day menu. I did learn how this can be a chef’s nightmare and it depends on their kitchen fitout yesterday so to do this is a biggie so kudos. They cater for all the problematic peeps GF V/V and DF and can adapt things if you ask.  You can just have toast (sourdough, multigrain or GF) and preserve options (including Fix and Fogg Peanut Butter, granola, chia pudding (trendy), big brekkie, buttermilk pancakes (keen to see if they could do these GF next time) or have good ‘ole eggs on toast any style and throw on an amazing side e.g. kimchi, avocado, black pudding, tomatoes, fries, bacon or hash (I assume the homemade potato kind?!).  But wait there’s more.

Brunch/Lunch you can have sautéed mushies with garlic, thyme, mash with a poached egg, smashed avo with feta and dukka, a reuben sammie with fries or salad (nice), a balance bowl (tofu, smoked salmon or chicken) with greens, avo, tomatoes, potatoes and toasted seeds, a soba noodle salad or Korean chicken burger. Darn they’re not open Sundays as hubby would love some of these dishes but that’s really our only chance to dine breakfast/lunch out together.

I ordered scrambled eggs with avo on sourdough and it was served with a heap of lovely fresh rocket (ultimate fave lettuce variety). It was a good portion and delicious. Galpal had a bit of food envy but she chose the smashed avo with tomatoes and was very pleased, adding a slice of bacon. Other galpal had already eaten so was just coffeeing but she got to try the smashed avo and tomatoes.

I actually didn’t take much notice of what drinks were on the menu apart from coffee so can’t comment on this. I need to pop back to check. I was super impressed with the menu though and can’t wait to go back. The dilemma will be when and what to choose. This place is a goldmine.

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