Gypseys, tramps and thieves!

Gipsy Kitchen in Jessie Street is the baby sister of Gipsy Kitchen in Strathmore- not spelt gypsy the way we know it. The Strathmore location at night is fab. Their tapas are to die for. The city location is on a way smaller scale but packs in a lot of punch within its tight space. The ecletic décor is divine; from the fabulous bright mural outside which flows nicely into equally bright colours inside. No sign of any gypsies, tramps or thieves today though.Friend Heather spotted my photo and advised me about her frequent visits for date scones. She works at the other end of town like me. Geez they must be good to travel that far for a coffee and a scone!

It was raining the day I visited so I accepted a car ride. We were the only punters for about 5 minutes and suddenly the place was packed by 945am, mainly older clientele. Well not hard with 12 seats (and they do have a couple of tables outside) but they just added to the ambiance.

The counter is laden with so many goodies. I was torn with a date scone or a rhubarb brioche. Heather humoured me with halvies. The rhubarb brioche was surprisingly not over-sweet so had that yummy pungent rhubarb taste, however I did prefer the date scone. I couldn’t convert Heather to having a glass of homemade booch (kombucha) however at least she tried it. She stuck with her flat white and I savoured my lovely, refreshing ginger booch. Speaking of Kombucha, I just read that Fortune Favours now has it on tap. Go you guys. I’ll be up for that very soon, thank you very much.

Where were we? There’s no menu but the two things I was keen on were tagged with descriptions and prices.  Word on the street is  that peeps find the lack of prices/descriptions annoying and so have to keep asking questions. I was only here for morning tea and so had my eye on only those two things, so my eyes glazed over everything else. The selection is overwhelming but in a good way.  I must say though there didn’t appear to be anything vegan, gf, df, paleo. You expect this from such a funky café. It all was quite high carb stodge. Although the salads probably fit the vegan needs, but I can’t do lentils, tofu or quinoa. Just give me meat and salad.

Make sure you swing by as it’s very kitchy cute. Service was very friendly.


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