Austrian Welly deli

Third visit but first review as the food was always very good, but the service appalling. I had boycotted my local along with other Brooklynites for 2 years because of the rude lady that used to work there. What a difference, now she’s gone. Obviously the menu has since changed. Read on to find out.Hubby was reluctant to try this place given my previous feedback, however I enticed him with the endorsement from friends. Plus knowing the menu now features some amazing, authentic Austrian food you can’t go wrong. As Austria borders onto Italy, both countries have influenced each other.

The décor is very deli-like with a fantastic selection of free-range charcuterie to take out and they make their own homemade breads and cakes. The cabinet and counters are chokka with very enticing produce.

It was quiet Christmas Eve as we chose to enjoy a luncheon before flying out to Fiji. We were swiftly greeted and seated by a nice friendly young man. We held off on coffees as wanted to eat first. There is nothing boring on the menu. Everything sounds amazing. You can have granola with yoghurt, apple nut bread served with French Goats Cheese, preserves and pistachios, or two types of Austrian crepes. If you’re wanting more hearty there is a pumpkin salad, or bruschetta, two omelettes, a vege or carnivore big brekkie, steak sammie, Viennese brekkie, eggs on toast, Turkish eggs, avocado and feta on mash. I’ve had the latter two dishes in the past however the other options are calling out to me. They have some fab sides dishes too especially if you want to build your own brekkie.

More lunch type offerings of soup, house salad, are on the cards along with GF bread options and then even more hearty Austrian dishes.

Our waiter helped me decide and he did well; I was so in love with every bite of my speckknodel (Austrian dumplings, with sauerkraut and pancetta). So delicious and good for the gut but not for the fainthearted. They were served with a little broth also. Hubby chose, you guessed it, the obligatory wiener schnitzel. He liked it. I thought it was ok but not a patch on my dish. The fried potatoes and goulash sounded good too.

We finished with a long black Havana coffee and mocha and skipped dessert. The only problem I have is, what the heck am I  going to have next time. I love it when a menu speaks to me like this.

Supporting local, I will return and will have friends lining up to try this place. What a shame it’s taken me so long to return. If you have rude service, no matter how good your food is, I won’t return. So it’s great the Brooklyn Deli is great in both departments. No doubts their profit will be up for sure but am very surprised how it took them so long to work this out!

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