At sixes and sevens!

When you visit this tiny café, Sixes and Sevens, you will be at Sixes and Sevens in a quandary deciding what to have. They sure have a huge selection, in such a tight space.I think these guys have been open now for about a year now. They’re directly opposite my home away from home, Les Mills on Taranaki Street, next to Mr Go’s. I see the baker/owner busy there very early every morning setting up.

I’ve heard they are famous for their amazing donuts and chose my birthday to test one out with my folks. I was going to choose a salad however they’re not offered on weekends! Darn. All I could see was a sugar high/carb overload; cakes, donuts, slices, sausage rolls, quiches, gourmet pies. Some were GF DF and the chocolate cherry cake looked to die for. There is no menu and fortunately I spotted a smoothie sign. Boom. Perfect.

The lovely female staff were so friendly, accommodating and constantly on the go. There were a lot of walkins/takeaways.  I guess because of such a small amount of seating and the great location. We were lucky to be able to snare some seats at the large shared table.

Mum and Dad ordered a ham, asparagus quiche each, which came served with a wee dish of relish. My customised smoothie was divine; spinach, avocado, blueberries, coconut milk, and coconut water. I encouraged Ma and Pa to try it and they were suitably impressed, despite them probably thinking ooh yuk, like most people.

For dessert, to go with my delicious long black served in a throwback Temuka crockery mug, we chose a blueberry cream and a salted caramel filled donut to share. Who needs birthday cake?. We were actually full so only had a quarter of each with leftovers. The salted caramel one was very sweet, however Mum and Dad liked it, yet I preferred the blueberry one. Such good sports, Mum and Dad hesitantly agreed to try their lattes with coconut milk. They were pleasantly surprised and were ok with them.

So a great wee spot if you want lunch, or a sweet treat and coffee. I’d definitely pop back again to try a salad and close my eyes to avoid the humungous array of sweet temptations. (GF DF or not)!

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