Brunch at Sofitel’s Le Jardin Grill


Ooh la la, what a great deal. $49 pperson for Beaujolais Nouveau brunch, all you can eat, excluding drink. Plus quality food and service to boot, in plush surroundings. Get yourselves to the newly re-opened Jardin Grill, Sofitel Wellington on a weekend, in Bolton Street. It’s amazing.I was joined by my schoolfriend Kate, whom I’ve recently reconnected with. Kate is co-owner of the amazing Elderberry + Kate Day spa in Wellington- and if you haven’t been there, that’s a must. It was funny as we arrived separately, and both wore black and white.  No memo needed. Twinses binses. Anyhoo Kate and I were so excited to have a ladies catchup in such plush surroundings.

The wallpaper is bright and they have gorgeous booth seating with funky chairs or separate table with a garden view. Being surrounded by wine or bottles of Veuve champagne is pure heaven. We started off with a glass of Veuve as you do!  We were then invited to start on the buffet. As you know I’m anti-buffets but this my friends is not your normal buffet. Trust me. The menu is broken in to the following sections:SEAFOOD; smoked fish, salmon, oysters, clams, CHARCUTERIE; capocollo, prosciutto, salami, SALAD; beetroot & walnut, witlof, pear and blue cheese, garden salad, caprese, SOUP; tomato and watermelon, CHEESE; brie, comte, manchego and pickles, breads, and sushi,  HOT; beef bourguignone, coq au vin and pommes puree with truffle oil. Breathe. Loosen your belt. This is just the start ok? I loved the salads and had a bit of the charcuterie and drooled over the cheese but skipped it. We completely missed the hot dishes so I at the end,  just had to squeeze in a tiny teaspoon of the pureed potatoes with a bit of coq au vin. Everything was exquisite.

You then give your choice of a la carte order.  Either; a truffle mushroom omelette, rump steak with pommes frites, pan-seared fish or pasta with chargrilled veges. Both of us had the steak which was very good. The chunky fries with the hollandaise were superbe.

I spotted two other tables of ladies beside us with iphones out, so I decided to introduce myself to foodies/instagrammers/bloggers. #capitaleats Funnily enough I follow the latter and they do me, so it was nice to put a face to their food, so to speak. #Wellybrunch gals and I became new followers. It was so much fun and added to our experience. Bon appetit.

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