In a bit of a pickle!


From the minute I stepped inside the Pickle and Pie or Pie and Pickle, I fell in love. Lombard Lane has had a major spruce-up and is now a much safer area, so it has the Welly bo’ peeps aflockin’. It’s very New York trendy with cool industrial Scandinavian design. It’s light and spacious complimented with a cool vibe. I got myself into a pickle as I just couldn’t decide what to have. There was a choice of beautiful sweet treats on display on top of the cabinet or in jars e.g. lemon meringue tarts, banoffie tarte, chocolate caramel tarte, GF brownies, raisin pinwheels, homemade granola, cheese scones, if you’re just wanting something with coffee. On the shelves they have, no sh….t Sherlock, homemade pickles for sale.

The gourmet pork and fennel pie with a slice of crackling on the top looked to die for, and they also offer a vegetarian pie (ugh). These are served with pickles, mash and gravy or a salad (extra $). The special board  today featured a quiche with salad. From the menu I deliberated for awhile and chose the peanut butter and caramelised banana crumpets with coconut cream. OMG what a pick and well-matched with a long black. Girlfriend chose the asparagus, smoked salmon and poached egg dish with her hot chocolate with a homemade marshmellow. We were both in heaven, but hers was a different heaven as I can’t do smoked salmon. I was contemplating my next visits with other girlfriends. Forever thinking of food in advance is the obsessed foodietraveller. Other options were good ole eggs, porridge, blackcurrant and rhubarb crumpets with marscapone.

Girlfriend had a gooey chocolate and caramel tarte which she said was superb. I was full after a second long black and sugar satiated so I just couldn’t bring myself to have a mouthful. Other drink options were delicious sounding juices but alas no Komucha or coconut or almond milk.

Staff are friendly and service is excellent. The kitchen is open so you can see the chefs at play if you wish to.

Second visit was for a client meeting and Brian and I shared an amazing pastrami scroll. Coffees took forever though as this place is very ‘hip’ and they’ve got one barista. Perhaps they could consider employing a second barista and/or they could set a cart up outside for takeaway orders? Just a thought to keep all punters happy.

Third visit I had the most divine duck hoisin special sandwhich and BFF Annie had the potato and asparagus salad. Both got the thumbs up. Annie confessed this was her second visit as she had snuck in to try the cheesecake last week and said it was divine. I must say though I prefer their breakfast menu which stops at 11am.  An all day breakfast menu would be amazing.

Fourth visit girlfriend Sandy and I split the Reuben with the beetroot salad and a mushroom pie. The lamb or venison pie would have been my preferred option, however a vego one was fine. We were so pleased to share as we got try new dishes. We couldn’t fit in another thing. Lovely jubbly.

Final visit this week, I went with the Thanksgiving theme with the turkey breast with cranberry ciabatta special.  It was amazing although in hindsight I should have asked for it as a salad. My bread/carb intake has been too high this week. Girlfriend Libby loved her Reuben and we snuck in something sweet to share; the s’more tarte. OMG it was divine but we couldn’t finish it. I don’t like waste but better on the plate than on our own waists right?

So you can see I have pretty much nailed the lunch menu. I now need to work through the breakfast menu. If you haven’t been, this is a must!!

4 thoughts on “In a bit of a pickle!

  1. Do they yell your name when you walk in now, like Cheers!? ha ha – hoping to try for bunch this weekend if it’s not too busy and we can get a park with all the stuff on in Welly this weekend. I’m a smoked salmon gurrrrl and that bagel looks lush. YUM. Can’t wait x

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