The Old Quarter

The former Malaysian Satay Kajang has reopened as a new Vietnamese restaurant on Dixon Street; The Old Quarter. What another Vietnamese restaurant in Welly you say but clapping your hands of course, and not complaining.  This place oozes funkiness with a seriously, uber cool vibe. You almost forget you’re in Wellington. And we almost did given it was cold and wet outside, but cosy and warm inside. The wooden front doors are lovely and welcoming and complement the bright decor with subdued lighting, The open kitchen is buzzy and the chefs can keep an eye on the punters and vice versa.

Fellow foodie BFF’s Annie and John joined us for dinner. Booth seating and I’m anyone’s; this is my ultimate choice of seating in a restaurant. It might be due to my throwback diner days, when living in the States.

The menu is humungous and very cleverly divided up into sections with very cool titles. Hubby spotted these e.g. Have you tried the.., These salads sound good, Don’t forget to order, Let’s share some, feel like a cheeky wine etc. Of course I dived straight in as it all sounded so amazing.  We started off with sharing a bottle of South African shiraz and a second was ordered not long after. As I was sober driver and athlete, I only had a glass, and it was delish.

We all had put our votes in with ordering shared dishes. We started with the most divine calamari followed by some delicious chicken wings. The latter being so good, we ordered another dish later. Of course the boys didn’t want a bar of anything green. God forbid, even though that’s what they get served at home!. So the girls ruled in that department with a side of green beans with garlic, peanuts and oyster sauce. This was my fave dish of the night. Other dishes we had were the banx xeo pancake, caramelised pork belly, cashew peking duck and shaking beef. I was actually really disappointed with all these as just found them underwhelming, as had such high expectations.

It’s not cheap and cheerful here at all by any means, especially the wine so it puts a huge dent into your wallet. I’ll definitely come back though as am dying to  try the bao buns, and all the salads. The lamb sounds good and I’ve to got to try a noodle or curry dish. The bean dish is a no brainer. And of course I will say “Who wants a beer or cider” and “Yum, look at those cocktails” I’ll need to Uber home.

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