Bravo Amano!

This was my second attempt to try out this funky, Italian restaurant in Britomart.  Fortunately we secured a reservation this time. I got there early so I could soak up the ambiance, take some snaps and peruse the menu. Girlfriend got a park right outside in Tyler St. Perfect start.

This place is just gorgeous. It’s located in an a beautiful historic building with terrazzo marble floor and oyster-shell benchtops. The flowers, lights and décor was extremely warm and inviting. As was our fantastic, friendly staff. Adam was so sweet and totally got my humour.

Girlfriend and I were in a Sicilian mood tonight. Not from a vendetta but wine perspective! I chose a lovely merlot and JuJu had a rose. The wine list was huge with predominantly Italian whites, reds, and bubbles along with an aged wine list. Ok I know we’re getting old, but if you ask, we did not select from that latter list! They also had a great selection of beers and cocktails. I will definitely return for a grapefruit/prosecco, aperol, campari etc. That’s talking my lingo Amano.

Adam helped us with recommendations. The girls at the table beside us were enjoying a tagliatelle bolognese. I rarely eat pasta nowdays but it was calling out to me. So I suggested we share that with the lamb, courgette, olive and feta. We also had a side of raw zucchini, mint, caper and sesame. I can’t locate my pasta photo darn it or maybe we tucked in before I snapped. Trust me it was delicioso. Everything was actually delicioso.  The portion sizes were great and reasonably priced for Auckland. The menu encourages you to share in their passion and is divided into Dairy, Pasta, Seafood, Meat and Dessert plates. It has a seasonal, sustainable and local NZ philosophy. Love that.

Amano is apparently famous for their pastries and breads, so I can’t wait to come back and test those. They offer all day dining and the breakfast menu sounds amazing. It caters for the porridge/granola/pastry/omelette breakfast types peeps or the risotto, pork/egg/beans, pasta, or salt-cod risotto/egg solid athlete breakfast peeps like hubby and me.

To be honest, I love trying new places so I have to force myself to go back to places I love. Hand on heart Amano is going to be one of those faves for me in Auckland. Ci vediamo Amano. Mille grazie per tutti.

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