Air NZ Business class in-flight service!

I’m fortunate that I’ve experienced Air New Zealand business class so many times now. Airline of the year 2017 you can see why! It’s always, always absolutely fantastic from whoah to go, and hubby suggested I do a blog post for something different.  As the lights are dimmed, it doesn’t do my pics justice, however you’ll get the gist for sure.

Once onboard you sit back, relax and let the wonderful staff take good care of you. You are offered a pre-takeoff drink and then another once airborne with some delicious nuts. I always wait ’til airborne to get the French champagne.

Air NZ is all about food, family/friends and health and wellness, so they’ve only hired the very best consultant chefs, Peter Gordon and Michael Meredith, to share their passion with us.

The Supper menu providesa quick bite option of creamy cauli, goat cheese and potato soup followed by a dark chocolate mousse with grapefruit caramel and salted pecan brittle. Yum. Or you can go full monty with Entrée/To Begin, Bakery, Main and Dessert.

I chose the delicious grilled prawns with fried chorizo. The other option was a chicken cranberry toasted buckwheat salad. For main I chose the Angus beef burger with slaw, and left my buns exposed. Ha you know what I mean. Other options were roast chicken or cod. In between the bakery options are sourdough, black olive or garlic bread. They smell divine and you can have seconds, but I resisted both times. I had to try the strawberry rocky road for dessert, however in hindsight I should have asked for that chocolate mousse. Anyway it was yummy but could only have a few mouthfuls, as I was full as the family album.

You are offered complimentary NZ wines, beer, cider, juice, soft drinks and you can finish with ports/liqueurs or a hot drink. The staff seemed amused that I was a one_only champagne kind of girl, but hubby made up for my me in that department. I skipped the cheese, had a chamomile tea and crammed in another movie, before bunkering down for the night.

BTW, if you do get hungry mid-flight you can order a warm gourmet burger or help yourself to the Whittakers chocolate bars or chips. You can also alert the staff in advance and opt for a sleep-in and pre-order a continental breakfast upon waking.

The staff are very attentive and will offer to make up or take down your bed for you, and offer you a coffee or juice before the breakfast service starts.

Breakfast is my favourite and it’s that delicious smell that wafts through the cabin and hits my nostrils. I just can’t resist a croissant.  I opted for a mango banana smoothie, coffee, fresh fruit salad, and poached eggs on toasted muffins with bacon and spinach. The wee muffins got left behind. It was delicious. Other temptations were buttermilk pancakes, quesadilla or a gourmet bagel. I like my protein so generally always opt for an egg dish, however I must give those pancakes a go. The coffee onboard is French plunger (not a fan) as I find it too gritty and strong. Air NZ just announced though they will use Fair Trade coffee on future trips for premium economy and business class passengers. Maybe that will make a difference. Toodlepip.


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