Mexico Tour Finale!

This is the finale Mexico tour post. My heart goes out again to all those people impacted by the devastation of the second earthquake.Sadly we left our tour group in Merida and we travelled with a few newbies to the Chitzen Itza ruins. We were told this was going to be the highlight of our tour. Given we fell in love with the relatively unknown Palenque and Campeche ruins, our expectations were high. How disappointing. All those Instagram pics and we just found these to be very average. It made us appreciate the others even more so.. After a buffet lunch nearby, we then drove 3 hours to Tulum to drop off a brave, young Aussie girl travelling solo. Tulum was basically the longest street ever, lined with palm trees, hotels, trendy bars and boutiques. Very hippyish. If you go, you’ll need your mossie spray. About another hour later, we arrived late afternoon to the Wyndam resort in La Playa del Carmen.

I chose here vs Cancun as we wanted a bit of class and quiet. We’ve done the Caribbean, so I should have known better. Quelle horreur! Our ocean view room upgrade was a joke; a tiny window/deck with a view of palm trees.  I normally go sort things out, however hubby took on this task today. Long story short, our funny assistant Jorge (whorehey), who spoke 5 languages, confirmed ‘yes you’re right, you can’t see beep beep’. He upgraded us to the room next door with two windows, a small and large deck, sunloungers, Jacuzzi and a sea (just) view. Hubby tipped Jorge and this paid off tenfold. He would constantly look out for us and scored us a private dining experience at the Mexican restaurant without us having to wait to book.

This was an all inclusive resort so that was a huge unknown bonus; all the cocktails, fancy coffees, alcohol, food was gratis. Did we see one person drunk? Not at all. Love that. Total respect. Of course the resort was mainly full of Italian and French families so they know how to behave. Sadly if it was full of Kiwis or Aussies, you can just imagine a different scenario.

I detest buffets with a passion however despite eating in “like an American high school cafeteria, like’, the food was excellent. They had so many stations and a separate pasta station with a chef making pasta by the bucketloads. Italians queued up for it. They won’t tolerate bad pasta so that says it all! Actually the coffee here was dreadful, so I quickly learned to get mine from the baristas in the lobby, as they were fabulous. We only had to eat one dinner in the buffet and our next two meals were fine dining. The Italian restaurant’s food and service was fantastic; entrée pasta and lamb main was fabbo. No room for dessert but would have done if tiramisu was on the menu?! The Mexican restaurant was really good and we wore the obligatory sombreros and they dumped a bottle of tequila on the table for afters?! Yikes.

As there was no wifi in the rooms, the lobby was always chokka with peeps getting their social media fix. I loved the roaming cats and some type of possum animal; they were so social. It was really hot albeit lots of tropical, temporary,  rain downpours. The pools and the beach would be full and then you would suddenly see a storm of peeps running for cover. I made the most of the time and tried out the gym, which was fantastic.

We exited our gated community and went for a huge walk into La Playa town; (about 30 mins each way). The town itself was massive with some high class designer stores to tacky tourist stores,  restaurants and hotels. They had a Frida Kahlo museum there and the gift store was lovely. I did resist buying a cool handbag.

On another local walk we oggled at the lovely, art Deco, Hollywood real estate and golf course. I really had wanted to take a day trip to Islas Mujeres; a ferry ride from Cancun but we needed to chillax. In hindsight we could have easily departed for home after Chitzen Itza, however the downtime was nice.

I hope you were inspired by my tour highlights. Next week I’m reviewing something a little different which you’ll enjoy. Adios.

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