My favourite part of our Mexico tour!

Ok peeps, this is my fave part of our tour so far, hence the zillion photos. The great part of being a blogger is you get to relive and reflect on your experiences through sharing with others, after the fact. This makes me more grateful.As I’d booked a tour, I didn’t do delve too much in advance and was just keen on the culture, history and intrinsic travel. Boom! We arrived smack-bang in the middle of a dense jungle to the delightful Agua Azul waterfalls. I was just so entranced by the beauty, colour and nature. Stunning. We then arrived late afternoon to our gorgeous resort; Villa Mercedes Resort. We only travel in style you know; Mercedes tour van and Mercedes hotel! We felt like we were in Africa. It was amazing and there were live turtles in their reception pools. The only drawback was English was not spoken and my brain was too tired for my basic Espanol but we survived. I got to have some downtime at the pool and loved tuning in to the Italians and the froggies.

The next morning we left bright and early before the heat for the Palenque ruins. You don’t see these pics on Instagram. Boy oh boy a Lincoln toy, we all fell in love. The mist was circling as we arrived and the sun was coming out, and it just made it spectacular and magical. This is a MUST visit and our tour guide’s fave spot as well.

We then hit the road Jack for a lunch stop (which was chosen by our guide and not on the itinerary). Bravo Cesar. Tour mockers/haters, this is why you do a private tour!  I can’t recall the seaside restaurant name in the middle of nowhere but we arrived in the Gulf of Mexico. We inhaled the white sand, turquoise blue, warm water and had an amazing seafood lunch. A fresh coconut for me added to my bliss. But wait there’s more.

Not wanting to leave this place, we slowly ambled back to our van. Little do we know we were going to arrive in my favourite historic Mexican city; Campeche. I though Oaxaca and San Cristobal were gorgeous but this place took my breath away. The Hotel Plaza Campeche was like a 6 star. We had an enormous suite which was luxurious however the hotel lobby, bar and restaurant were just absolutely stunning. Can’t get away from the noisy Italians though but that just made it more fun.

We went for an early evening stroll through the city. It was perfect timing for stunning pics of the vibrant town before dinner. Calle 59 is where it happs restaurant-wise. Carmen and Carlos hadn’t chosen anything however we all immediately agreed we liked the look of La Parrilla Colonial. From the moment we walked in and got to try on a sombrero we knew this was the place. We had a wee private dining area; the restaurant was split up into various areas with gorgeous greenery, funky art. Going to the bathroom I was glad I had my phone as took some cool shots. The service and food was outstanding and we loved having our meals cooked on the grill at the table. Perfecto.

The next day we had a lovely morning walking tour of the city and went down the seaside. It felt a little like Oriental bay and it was so nice to see people out exercising. Sad to leave, we got back in the van and headed for the Uxmal ruins. These were absolutely incredible also and loved spotting the huge Iguanas roaming everywhere. We even saw a dead, thank goodness, humungous tarantula. Eek.

Next week, sadly my final blog post in Mexico. Stay with me folks.

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