Beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico

After a six hour bus journey from Mexico city, and a wee taxi ride from the Oaxaca bus station, it was wonderful to arrive in a small, quaint, cobblestoned-street city full of vibrant colour and beautiful scenery. We stayed at Hotel Boutique Parador San Miguel. We just loved the décor and our room was large with twin beds. Hubby was so excited, he got a bed of his own.Our Mexico City tour guide recommended we quickly visit the Santo Domingo Church and Cultural Centre. Oh my word what a find. It  was sensational. It was a former convent and now a museum and cost us $5NZD each. We were there for at least an hour exploring all the beautiful rooms with stunning views from all the windows and the décor was amazing. This is a MUST, however please note it’s sadly closed along with the church temporarily post the earthquake. Feeling blessed and grateful we got our visit in prior to that.

Short on time, we headed for dinner at his recommended La Casa della Abuela. This lovely, traditional restaurant looked over the square. You could sit at ground level and get hounded by all the travelling busker musicians who all ask for tips constantly which is annoying or you can escape like us and sit in peace, upstairs overlooking the square. It’s a fabulous setting and you feel like you’re in a Spanish dining room. The food was amazing and we loved our mixed salad, beautiful steaks and red wine. The service was excellent. Oh and you always get a free basket of tortillas (like a bread basket) regardless of the carbs you already have on your plate, we found it unnecessary but obviously the done thing here.

We had a quick look around town. The Cathedral was lovely and the square is full of craft stalls and a nice vibe. We stood and watched a band with the public dancing and it was so cute.

The only thing that dramatically let our hotel stay down was our breakfast the next morning.  The restaurant staff (generally this is common in Mexican hotels) were grumpy and resentful of tourists. Hola, we’re contributing to your economy you know and if you don’t like your job, you have a choice! A shame as everything else about our hotel here was great. However our breakfast was then enhanced by meeting a lovely English couple who told us we were joining them and two other couples on their tour. That turned out to be the icing on the cake as we forged immediate new friendships.

Stay tuned next week for more stunning photos on our Mexican travels and discoveries of new towns and fabulous meals.

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