Cured by San Antonio, Texas

Our final night in darling San Antonio and we finished with a bang. Thanks to my trusty foodie research advisor friend Ronda, she recommended Cured at Pearl, as being the numero uno place to dine at. So we were taken on an amazing gastronomic journey and this was one of our Texan highlights.Cured is located in a beautifully restored funky area out of San Antonio’s CBD. It is housed in a beautifully restored, brick, historic building, which used to be the Headquarters for the Pearl Brewing Company. As soon as you enter, you can see artisanal meats hanging in full view which is part of their focus here naturally; cured meat.

It was fine dining however comfortably casual. The décor was stunning, with wooden floors, white subway tiles and funky furniture. They have various separate dining areas and two bars where you could prop yourselves up and watch the staff in action. I even nipped to the bathroom with my iPhone which is rare and took a snap. I was dressed in white so I matched the stunning white interior!

Our young, knowledgeable waitress spoke so fast, we had our American friends translate and I think we just said yes to any recommendation. The menu was made up of charcuterie platter choices 3/6/9 choices, small/large plates or a 5 course degustation. We chose some amazing charcuterie; pork and pineapple rillettes, chicken liver mousse, pepperoni and a cheese. Served with Brewer’s crackers we scoffed this in seconds. We then shared the Bison Tartare, Foie gras crepe with cocoa, citrus and lavender jam, lamb and the pig poutine. OMG our fave was the poutine (pork, fries, cheese and gravy- Canadian dish). Please sir can we have some more so we squeezed in another. Tempted by dessert, but strength in numbers so we resisted.

Ok peeps it’s not cheap but it was so worth every cent and every bite lingered. This would have to be one of the best meals we’ve ever had in all our travels to the States, (apart from our amazing steak dinner/experience at Frankie and Johnny’s on 43rd St). This is must and has the wow factor. You’ll forget everything and Cured will cure just about anything!

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