Don’t Mess with Texas!

I saved a few special Texan foodie/music spots till last, as they deserve their own review. Thanks to fellow foodietraveller friend Ronda, for her research. Salt lick BBQ was the bee’s knees as far as BBQ goes, as was the blues at the Skylark lounge and a fab brekkie at Magnolia South Cafe.Located in the boonies of Driftwood, Salt Lick BBQ was worth the drive and its situated next to its own vineyard/cellar. This place was established by Thurman and wife Hisako Roberts. Thurman was in the bridge construction industry and travelled a lot, but wanted to stay in Driftwood. He came up with a plan and put his dream into fruition, when he decided to sell his own delicious BBQ that he made at family reunions. This time it was for paying customers; cash only. His son Scott built a BBQ pit and Thurman would start cooking Thursday and sleep near the pit all weekend, until the meat was sold.

You can’t book, so you wait your turn outside, in the shade or sun. You can sip on a beer and listen to live music, so it makes the wait pleasant. Ours was fortunately short. We were escorted into the original building on the right, and the new building wing on the left was ginormous. Our friendly waiter told us that they cater for up to 2000 peeps a day for lunch and dinner.

The vibe in the place was great and very cruisey. The smell of the marinated meat is lovely and you can taste the smokey BBQ flavours from the slowcook method. Hubby and I shared the brisket and ribs which was sensational. Mr Curious then ordered a side of bison ribs, which he loved. The menu was humungous and you could choose a variety of ribs, sausage, pulled pork, turkey or whole chicken or a Thurman’s choice. They also sell the BBQ meat and desserts to go. Their homemade peach or blackberry cobbler, pecan pie or chocolate pecan pie (by the slice or slab), perched in the cabinet, looked amazing. Our friend Papo, ordered the berry and peach cobbler with ice cream. Of course we had to do the obligatory taste test.  It was heavenly. Hubby then bought a cool, Salt Lick BBQ tee shirt, that I chose for him.

Our last night in Austin, we got to experience the most amazing blues at the Skylark lounge. It was pitch black inside, choccka with peeps and rundown. It came alive with the fantastic, famous voice of Soul Man Sam (Evans) and special guests. This was one of our highlights, and we were so on a natural high. One of the guest singers was an elderly, elegant black female singer, who was like Tina Turner. Boy was she sassy and could sing.

Before departing, we had to try the 24/7 Magnolia South Café. It was a very cool diner and mighty popular. The boys loved their steak and potatoes and us girlies loved our avocado, eggs benedict and spinach. It was fantastic. Service was great.  The only thing surprisingly that let it down was the terrible filter coffee. Oh well you win some, you lose some.

Stay tuned y”all for my final review on San Antonio, Texas.

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