Take 2: Texas Beer and BBQs

After arriving in Houston and meeting fellow foodies, our first stop was to get us some Texan BBQ. Burns Original BBQ was on our long list. It was in the burbs and in a dinkie dive with only outdoor seating, but boy were the ribs, brisket, beans and potato finger lick in’ good. We stayed at the lovely Hilton Sam Curio hotel. That night we took in The Houston Astros vs Miami Marlins baseball which was great. Poor Houston now though, do they have a problem thanks not to Hurricane Harry.Gus’s Fried Chicken was our next lunch must stop, along with some lovely craft beer. It was all so delish and actually originated in Memphis. You choose between white or dark meat and a huge list of sides. We settled for some fried green tomatoes and seasoned fries. Divine. We later did a quick visit to the State Congress building which was beautiful. At dusk, we queued up with thousands of peeps on or under the city bridge, to watch the famous Austin bat colony do their thing. Interesting.

Dinner was at the famous Broken Spoke for some honky tonk which was a hilarious experience. Some Lone Star beer and breaded steak, chips and gravy was on order for the boys and I chose brisket, gravy and pickles. Very yummy. We later watched a two step dance lesson out back. We realised how rundown this place was and if anyone lit a match, we would have been extinguished in seconds. All part of its charm. To compliment, the blonde dance teacher, late fifties, wearing daisy dukes and cowgirl boots was a hoot. She was the owner’s daughter and admitted she had no filter. Believe it. She was tough, blunt and very self-aware after four husbands. The teacher and her Dad feature in a doco that I must watch!

The following day, before heading for more amazing BBQ, Papo snuck in a visit to the Krazy donut stop. One tiny bite was all I needed, but I loved the bright decor and the amazing array of shapes, sizes and flavours. They even had vegan ones!

We browsed the amazing vintage, boutique shops and I bought a nice tee and hubby some bought a fab new pair of sunnies. A shopkeeper recommended Juan in a million for good Mexican food. It was good but not overly memorable, except for its name.

Stay tuned y’all for my next Texan review on San Antonio.

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