El sizzling chorizo

Wow Ponsonby Central is foodie heaven and foodie dilemma at the same time. I visited here when in Auckland on a prior trip, not around meal time and put this on my foodie list for this visit. This is a MUST stop.I slowly walked past Bird on a Wire and was tempted to stop immediately but kept meandering to see what else was in the foodie store for us. BlueBreezeInn has a good name as does ChopChop but before I made a hasty decision, I had to venture out back. Wow. El Sizzling Chorizo looked sensational and scored highly on TripAdvisor. As I’m a huge carnivore, I was already salivating. I then turned to look at Dante’s pizzeria and saw this Italian family hoeing into this gorgeous looking pizza topped with prosciutto and rocket. I was torn. I read their sourdough was good for gluten-sensitive glutards. Mmm. But my friends I stuck to my guns, trusted my gut and chose El Sizzling Chorizo- Argentinian BBQ or Asado.

I hollered to the gals, who were salivating over shoes of course, and they were delighted with my choice; except for Auckland gal. Yep the one allergic to pork. She was a little disappointed I’d chosen a meat place, however let me tell you she left smiling too. And that wasn’t due to the wine.

Three of us decided to start with warmed mixed olives and then share the Orejano platter. This was absolutely sensational; chorizo, empanada, pork belly, flank steak, mesclun, chimichurri and bread.  It was very generous and sufficient for three. We splashed out on a glass of Argentian red, as you do, which was a perfect food match. Auckland gal had her own sirloin steak and a glass of white. The mains were beautifully presented on wooden platters.

The menu featured one vege dish but obviously the focus is on grilled meats. The side of deep fried spuds with mustard and almonds sounded so good so that will be another time. I could have squeezed in some churros as a treat, but chose to save myself for my gelato experience at Giapo. I’m too disciplined for my own good.

This place is small with a cosy ambiance. They have a few tables inside and counter stools where you can watch the the sizzle. We sat in a covered area outside.  This place fosters an experience; having a nice red and conversation with friends and savouring the delicious meat that has been painstakingly grilled over burning coals. This is exactly what we experienced.

El sizzling chorizo, I’d walk over burning coals for you my lovely. Salud, Muchas Gracias and hasta luego.

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