Papa Satay House

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Papa Satay now has a second restaurant in Allen Street, just off Courtenay Place in the CBD. Their original one is doing very well in the burbs of Johnsonville. As a Malaysian cuisine fan, I was inspired to organise a cheap and cheerful girls night out.

Armed with a bottle of red (BYO), I was so excited to warm the cockles of my heart. We were not disappointed from that aspect. We felt sorry for them as we were the only table on a Thursday night, but I tell you, the service was outstanding along with the food.

The menu is humungous so it can be a bit overwhelming, and when a gaggle of girls get together they start talking right? This just delays my hunger even further. If you’re an early eater like me, you don’t want to get to the hangry stage, so I managed to close down the noise and order, so we could then resume the chickchat. Starters were a mix of soups, spring rolls, calamari, salads, satays or you could order a mixed platter. We ate some lovely chicken satays with peanut sauce and then we all ordered a variety of different dishes. Anything goes here from Chinese Stirfrys to Malaysian Rendang, Indian Dhal Curries or Dosas, Thai Laksas, Indonesian Gado Gado with lots of yummy sides such as coconut rice, poppadoms, and many types of roti.

 The portions are good along with reasonable prices and you won’t be bored with the options. They offer, GF, DF, NF and Vegan dishes with the good ole chilli picture beside each dish, to show you the intensity. I returned here with hubby and a friend for a Sunday lunch. Again my heart went out to them as we were the only patrons. I’m not sure if it’s the location or marketing. We chose a la carte however they also offered some lunch specials. Again the service and food was outstanding. Give them a try as you won’t be disappointed.

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