David Jones cafe

We all loved Kirks, but I also really love its replacement; David Jones. More-so because we beat the Aucklanders to something for a change!. It’s a huge magnet for the city as well. There’s just something international and classy about it, and it exudes great energy. David Jones stores in Aussie are complimented with lovely cafes to match. Ours isn’t quite there yet, but has oodles of potential.

I meet my gorgeous DJ personal shopper friend here regularly (cool job she has eh?!).  They offer almond milk lattes for the dairy-sensitive peeps (or vegans), so I’ve enjoyed these immensely.

My first lunch visit with Mum, I tried the salt and pepper calamari with rocket, lime and mint dressing. It was delicious. Mum asked them to do some basic mushrooms on toast and they were able to accommodate easily. The service though is inconsistent. They lack a maitre-d, so the staff are busy and friendly but the right hand doesn’t talk to the left hand.

Recently I took a friend out for her birthday lunch. They were chokka, and the clientele was very mixed from young to old. We had to sit on the side stools by the window, which was fine. We did ask if they could move us to a table if one became free. One did within a few minutes but they forgot, so we stayed put.

They have a nice selection of cabinet food; pastries, scones, a gorgeous looking French chocolate tart, cakes and slices.. The a la carte menu is excellent and  offers everything you could possibly imagine for breakfast, lunch or dinner e.g. granola, pancakes, eggs benedict, French toast, omelette, big brekkie to sammies, burgers, salads or other plates. I chose the Korean beef salad with house kimchi slaw, lime and chilli which was delicious.  Girlfriend really enjoyed her Moroccan spiced chicken salad with artichokes and fennel. Presentation was spot on but we waited what seemed like eternity and we’re both working lassies. A staff member did finally apologise after we queried our order, saying they were down a chef due to illness.  Ok you can forgive that, however they should have given us the heads-up initially. Customers are more forgiving if you communicate with them upfront right? Customer Service 101.

Girlfriend had a diet coke (OMG I know I know, she won’t listen to me) and I was fine on filtered water.. Their drinks list is huge and you can get tea, iced tea, coffee, smoothies, shakes, juices, soda, sparkling water or a good ole flute of Moet.

DJ café isn’t a place you’d think of to visit, but next time you’re in, and doing a bit of shopping as you do, give them a go, as the food is very good. I’ll definitely continue to support them. They just need to do some fine tuning to finish off a good product. Believe me they are not the only ones suffering with poor or inconsistent service as you know. Despite reports stating there’s been a 15% increase for hospitality staff due to tourism demand in New Zealand, restaurants appear to not only struggle to find good staff, but they also don’t seem to know how to train them.  Perhaps I should approach them to hire me as a customer service consultant. I’ll instantly turn them into gold. It’s not hard.

Dr Jones, Dr Jones, calling Dr Jones. Your brother David needs some serious customer service training right now please.

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