Bambuchi; a new player on the field!

Bambuchi has snuck quietly into the Hataitai ‘burbs, next to the White Rabbit Café. Local BFF foodie friend Annette recommended this place. She knows me so well. Being foodie competitive, I couldn’t believe she beat me here first.

The green neon Bambuchi sign brings colour to the white-washed walled building, with its dark, closed, wooden door. Mystery. It’s that element of surprise when you open it. The first thing I noticed was the warm smiles from the staff, and the lovely décor and vibe of this Balinese-inspired café.

We chose a window table with brightly coloured stools, and it was the perfect possie to take everything in. They’ve done well with the number of tables provided in the small elongated space. You can also sit and hang out at the well-stocked bar. The artwork, plants, exit door to the bathroom and bathroom itself are just uber cool.

Now for the weekend brunch menu. I oohed and ahhed over the beautiful-sounding flavour combos and healthy options.  Granola with fruit and coconut yoghurt, baked eggs, torched salmon, frittata, breakfast salad, breakfast burger or ugly bagels/toast (including GF) or homemade lakse with smoked fish, parma ham, avocado, smoked salmon, wild mushroom. Unfortunately hubby didn’t join me in my excitement as he couldn’t find anything to take his fancy. Men eh and healthy food?!I’m particularly overly dietary-challenged at the moment (sucks yes, mild intolerances that hopefully are temporary),  yet I had such a variety of things to try.  I settled on the smoked fish on the lakse with watercress and poached egg. The  lovely owner (Lindsay) was able to accommodate in several ways . She organised the lakse to be done in oil vs butter and vegan mayo instead of the lemon crème,  She brought both to try and get this. Hubby dived in to try my dressings and voted the vegan mayo as being the best.

Food was very slow to arrive however it was worth the wait. They were quite busy. My fish was perfectly tender and didn’t taste smoked at all and was so delicious and stunning in appearance on gorgeous crockery. Hubby enjoyed his parma ham, charred onion, salted beets and apple on lakse also. Portions are small so being the athlete, I did have to eat a bliss ball at home (and some sheep-milk cheddar and walnuts). I swear sometimes my appetite is like a growing teenager! Mind you we did complete a 12km hill walk!

Even though the food appears fancy-schmancy, hubby and I in our active gear, as my BFF Lisa calls it, didn’t feel out of place at all.

Oh and as for the drinks menu; I’m pretty much off everything so almost cried seeing the extensive, superb wine/cocktail list.  We stuck with water. However they did have sparkly water which is a good option, as you can trick your mind into thinking you’re having a glass of sparkly. No kombucha or coconut water but Lindsay said I could BYO from Coolsville over the road. How sweet. Service from her and her male colleague was outstanding. You know how I get on my hobby horse when it comes to service.

I promised BFF Annette a date here, so I can’t wait to try dinner in a few months. I might leave hubby at home tee hee.  They take reservations and walk-ins.


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