Fantastic Greek Cuisine in Wellington!

Oikos (pronounced EE-kos), meaning family, is located in the burbs of Miramar, aka Wellywood. It’s enhanced Wellingtonian’s availability to access authentic Greek food. Following nicely in The Greek Foodtruck’s greek footsteps of course. Theo Papouis is living his dream, by kindly sharing with us a taste of his Greek heritage, and welcoming us into his Greek family, via his beautiful food and wine, based on Ancient Hellenic cuisine.

I was immediately captured by the lovely, external Oikos window design in olive green. Sitting behind was a hive of happy activity taking place . As soon as I opened the wooden front door, I was moved by the cosy vibes and ambiance. The reception desk had beautifully displayed Oikos labelled wine bottles on the counter, with copper pots and pans on shelves up high. The olive green décor and design continued throughout the restaurant softening what was formerly a stark interior. The wooden tables and attractive lights supported this nicely. I particularly loved the open kitchen where you could see the chefs at work and they could see us. No doubt they get a kick out of seeing their customers relishing their art. They looked a little nervous as I was camera snapping.  No worries boys. You had me from the start (well you know what I mean!).

After an unusually stressful day, I was irked that girlfriends had already ordered a starter and drinks. That puts me behind the eight ball and rushes me unnecessarily so. Drinks are fine but not food. Yes Eileen and Sally, consider yourselves told. Ha Ha. Good girlfriends though so all good and OMG the best pita bread I’ve ever eaten (homemade of course). So soft, garlicky and well seasoned served with an order of tahinosalata (say that fast and people will think you’re fluent in Greek!). It’s a combo of tahini, yoghurt and lemon (GF). Yasou.

We ordered mains to share; slow cooked lamb, chicken (GF), pork saussies with peppers (GF) and baked pork meatballs with sumac and yoghurt. The flavours in each dish was amazing and didn’t merge all together, which can often happen. Each dish was unique and stood proudly on its own. Greeks really excel with lamb, but if I had to pick a winner, it would be a tie with the pork dishes. Our sides of roast potatoes with oregano and lemon (GF) and Ladera sautéed beans with roasted artichokes, lemon, garlic and olive oil, were equally divine. So much so, we ordered double and then caved and ordered the most delicious sesame crusted feta with honey. Thanks Sally’s for the encouragment as it was the icing on your missing birthday cake. It was sensational.

We generally skip dessert but we made an exception for to 75 yr old ( but looks 65) Sally. Two teaspoons each of the set yoghurt pot with poached pear, smashed pastelli and white chocolate, took us back to heaven.

These guys totally get it. Their delicious, rustic food is complimented with fantastic service. Nothing was a problem. They were very busy but the waitresses were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. What a perfect night.  We’ll return again in a heartbeat. And yes a restaurant that takes reservations.

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