Two grey Brasserie and Bar

What a fabulous makeover is the new Two Grey brasserie and bar,  (a clever jeu de mots with the location; 2 Grey St) which catches a few people out. If you say the old Arizona, people will get it. This place just buzzes all day long as the Wellingtonian foodies flock to frequent it. The black New York tiles are stunning as are the hanging pendant lights and stunning grey, duck-egg blue, white and yellow interior . It’s very European; elegant and classy. I  love the mix of booth seating along with separate small tables with chairs as well as larger tables with stools for groups or those who prefer to sit up higher.I visit here weekly for a kombucha, coconut water or coffee with coconut milk or almond milk, so TGB gets a huge tick for stocking my kind of drinks. It’s a great meeting place in a fab location. Their counter food offers pastries or these humungous bliss balls but they aren’t GF or DF so me thinks that’s a bit of a misnomer.

I popped in for a Saturday brunch with a friend recently. We both ordered a hot chocolate and shock horror ordered the same dish. That’s not good for blog photos as Philippa normally opts for a smoked salmon dish. We chose the halloumi with avocado, egg on sourdough. It was ok but we were expecting the halloumi pieces to be grilled and served on the side vs chopped and incorporated into the dish. I also am not a fan of avocado smash. I prefer sliced avocado. So this week I ducked in with my BFF Annette, to give their food a second chance, as I’m good like that. Unfortunately the chef declined me ordering from the breakfast menu.  No chef. I was going to try the waffles or Acai smoothie bowl, darn it. Anyway my Caesar salad was divine. The anchovies, egg and bacon on cos was tasty, a generous portion and served with a lovely citrus dressing. Other girlfriend chose broad bean fritters. Yuk. Are you serious? Of course I had to have a wee try and they were surprisingly, delicious. Eat your words right now foodietraveller.  We finished with a short and decaf long black and these were good too.

What a shocker Betty Crocker, their gorgeous grey crockery looks like a new-age Temuka,  however I was informed it was made in PRC. Ah so, People’s Republic of China vs Made in China. Very clever China crockery makers!!

I’ll bring hubby here and see what his take is on this place. They have a fab wine list and all the liquor you can imagine, so we will need to explore this a little further.

I have read and heard several bad reviews about this place since it opened.  More about the food than the service though as service is pretty spot-on, especially from the Irish guy. I think they’ve settled down a bit and have been listening and responding to feedback. Go you Greysters.  You have redeemed yourselves for now. However it’s about continuous improvement and striving for consistency. For Two Grey,  today, I remember your smile.




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