Authentic New York Pizza!

Wellington is becoming more international on a daily basis. Only 42 years later since the original shop opened in New York, Welly has Sal’s authentic New York Pizza in Cuba Mall. Salvatore Leo (Sal) hails from Puglia, Southern Italy (of course), and emigrated to New York at the age of 10. He mastered, under the watchful eye of his famiglia, how to roll dough by hand. He uses the freshest ingredients and harbours a secret tomato sauce recipe,  to create his masterpiece. His only son Brian (such an Italian name!),  took over the reigns to continue the legacy on a global basis.I heard on the pizzavine that their garlic cheese knots were the business. So after a 14km walk with girlfriend and hubby, I thought we deserved to add these babies as a starter. They were so deliciously soft and garlicy, and I swear if there was any butter handy, I would have added it. They were like a light, garlic cheese scone. They have a few other sides including fried mozzarella sticks which I used to eat in the States, so I will save to try these another time. They also serve the famous NYC buffalo wings with celery and blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Here you can buy pizza by the slice or half a pizza or a whole pizza or half and half pizza with additional toppings if you wish. They have package deals and add-ons and slice specials, group specials, catering and an online service. You name it they have it and are flexible, unlike other pizza joints in town. Go Sal’s.

Pizza’s come in a large 10 inch or huge 18 inch. We chose huge (of course) to feed three and did Manhattan (pepperoni and mushroom) and the Bronx (Italian sausage and green capsicum). A quick trip to two of the New York boroughs without having to leave our seats! Sal’s is self service so you order, pay and they deliver the goods. Each table has the three little Italian coloured obligatory chilli flakes, parmesan and oregano containers, so make sure you do try these. When in New York right? They just add to the deliciousness and bring back so many memories of my time living in the States. We were in  pizza heaven and just loved it. Sal’s has a wee warning on the table to make sure you wait 3-4 minutes before eating your pizza. Um we saw this and forgot, so eager to dive in but they do arrive straight from the oven. They sit them on an elevated pizza stand which is great.

Sal’s promise is if you don’t think it’s the best pizza you’ve ever tasted you can get your money back. Every penny. Well when we read that I was a bit sceptical as my faves in Welly are Pizza Pomodoro, Wholly Bagels and Pizzeria Napoli. Yes our pizza was unique with its outstanding delicious flavours. It must be that secret tomato sauce using the finest, imported ingredients; mozzarella, tomatoes, milled hard spring wheat flour, and pepperoni.  Surprisingly being a glutard, I had no side effects whatsoever.

If you’re after dessert, they offer Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Drinks is a range of craft beer or the standard coke and sodas. The décor is very red, clean, bright, New-York diner/booth seating, with memorabilia on the walls and a few large screen TV’s. It’s small  but turnover is very fast.

Bravo Sal’s. As a fellow Italian, I was very impressed. Tante Grazie.

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