Bula Denarau Fiji; 2017

Nothing excites me more than sharing with you, my annual trip to Denarau Fiji. Hubby goes for work so I tag along for the ride and enjoy a week of bliss by the pool. Fiji will always be my home away from home as we’ve been coming here for years so it’s very familiar. It’s nice to see a few changes too. I never tire of how stunningly picturesque Denarau is. I’ve visited many islands which are fabulous but I’m so familiar with Denarau, it’s easy and such a pleasant 3 hour plane journey with Air New Zealand from Auckland.

This time we stayed at the Sheraton Resort vs the Sheraton Villas which was a nice change and we had a beach view vs a pool view. I only eat at the Westin; it’s so much more classier and less children and noise. They now have a fulltime juicer and I just loved starting each morning with a vege juice; a carrot, beetroot, ginger, mint juice followed by some papaya and pineapple (good gut-health). The two-sided food station (apart from the bread/pastry station) is amazing let alone the egg station.  This year they had a gluten-free station with bread, muffins and ready-made pancakes for the glutards. You can even enjoy a glass of bubbles and filter coffee is very good or an espresso machine.

Bulaccino café was my go-to for a noiccino (coffee made with coconut milk). I also ate a very good burger (bunless) and a bliss ball. It’s great they’ve got on board with some healthy options like smoothie bowls and chia almond cookies. The best thing is their whole coconut; my cocktail of choice. But alas, year after year I ask for them to have a good supply and they always run out for days on end. I swear I’m moving to Fiji (and Niue) to run a sole coconut shop for the tourists. I think the islands take for granted that they are surrounded by this liquid gold. I was a walking ad when I had mine as I was always asked “Excuse me, where you get that?” In the end, we paid the gardener to go rustle me up a couple! Tourists are ok with paying FJ $5.50 (NZD $3) as it’s cheap and extremely healthy.

My ultimate fave is still the Hilton Deli. It’s a wee walk but foodie traveller likes to get her steps up and I got to meet an old colleague for lunch which was nice. Their food is great and reasonable and their pastries are as good as in France. Last year they made me a delicious hazelnut latte with coconut milk and this year I tired their matcha latte. Delish as is their Caesar salad.

Cardos is great at the Port for steaks and stirfrys. The fish is fresh but dishes are average.  They have fab music and cocktails and it really hums there. Service can be slow sometimes. Lulus have fantastic food but the service this visit was so slow. I got to lunch with my Auckland friend (Fiji resident part-time) at the Hard Rock Café. I’d been to the London one so it was fun to participate in the World Burger 2017 challenge. I chose the Tennessee burger with fries (as I met my only Tennessee friend in Nadi when I was volunteering). It was amazing as was the service. I will definitely go back there. In Fiji though you sit outside so it’s entirely a different atmosphere from other Hard Rocks but I loved it.

Indigo at the wharf was fantastic and is always consistent. Next visit I will try Mamma’s Italian and the Italian place adjacent to that. Then I will have ticked off all the Port Restaurants!  I tried a steak sandwich (without bread) and fries at Café O (opposite the Denarau Port entrance). It was average yet this place  is normally fantastic and my girlfriend loved her breakfast there. I didn’t get to eat at the golf club this year but am told the pizzas are great (and they do gluten-free).

My new try was Chantara Thai at the Radisson. I had the most gorgeous Thai beef salad but it was tiny in portion. All restaurants need to visit France to see how they make a salad. They rule the world with the most delicious, satisfying, healthy salads for a reasonable price.

So yes I chillaxed by the pool but managed to fit in lots of lovely eats.  I loved the Westin gym for my workouts and did lots of walking and swimming.

Bula Vinaka until next time.


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